8En3 Characters of Contrast Due Monday 26th January SRA

Homelearning should take 30 minutes and should represent your best effort. Scrappy paper with a few scrawled lines will be handed back and work will need to be re-done during lunchtime.

Today we explored the idea of one person/character having the potential to be both good and bad. The poem ‘Vultures’ showed us two examples of this: the vultures who are affectionate with each other after gorging themselves on a corpse and the Belsen Commandant who finished work at a concentration camp and stopped to buy sweets for his children on the way home.

You need to write a character description that shows two contrasting sides of your chosen character.

You can choose a character you have read about before, one you have written about or a new one.

You can choose whether to write this as poetry or prose.

You MUST describe your character using contrasting images: good/evil, mean/kind, violent/gentle etc.

You SHOULD use some of the descriptive techniques we have learnt in your work to make the images more vivid and the character more realistic.

You COULD make considered language and structure choices that show the potential for two contrasting sides to exist in one person. You could focus more on well-chosen adjectives and verbs that suggest aspects of character than on dramatic actions.

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