NAN – 10EN2 – Pathetic Fallacy – Due Thursday 22nd

Suggest why pathetic fallacy has been used in another book.

F – State where pathetic fallacy has been used in another book.

E – Suggest why the writer has used pathetic fallacy in another book.

D – Give multiple examples and reasons to why pathetic fallacy has been used in another book.

11 thoughts on “NAN – 10EN2 – Pathetic Fallacy – Due Thursday 22nd

  1. Leon

    The Wall Street crash relates to mice of men this is because the this is when everyone lost there jobs and when there was a lot of racial segregation witch is what happens in the time of the book these people are looking for jobs because they just lost there’s jobs and I think they would of found it hard to get jobs.

  2. Luke harding

    A book that uses pathetic fallacy is in the Dambusters because they set the scene by telling you about how they use the moonlight to be able to drop the bomb and explode the dam in complete darkness.

    The author uses it to make it more interesting for the readers who are reading the book and want to read on and see what happens.

  3. brandon. harding

    pathetic fallacy could be used in other books for an effect to build tension for an effect and to set more of a scene, or maybe even to make things more realistic.

  4. Josh Hobson

    pathetic fallacy is used in other books becuase it helps set the mood and can create tone or add atmosphere to writing.

  5. Clark Baker

    Another book which uses the pathetic fallacy is Macbeth of Shaakespeare because for example in the first scene the wether is discribed as very bad and this underlines the maliciousness of the three witches in the scene. Further they talk about their next meeting and they say that they want to meet in thunder, lightning or rain. This causes that the reader has a very dark impression of the witches.

  6. Alex Bennellick

    Pathetic fallacy is used in other books to set a mood. In some books the author ends the book as a cliff hanger and that sets a mood for people because they want to know what happens so that makes them think about whats going to happen next.

  7. James

    Pathetic fallacy is good to use in books because it creates an image for the reader and also hooks the reader in to what there reading. writers also this because it is interesting and the reader really starts to line up who there talking about and this means that the reader will remember the book as well.

  8. grace g

    The writer uses pathetic fallacy because it attributes human qualities and emotions to inanimate objects of nature and examples of pathetic fallacy is from the poem ‘I wondered lonely'” ‘I wandered lonely as a cloud
    That floats on high o’er vales and hills,” what the writer wants to do is to0 create emotion using various objects or animals.

  9. Felicity Paddock

    The writer uses Pathetic Fallacy to describe the emotions of the characters in relation to nature
    It was used in the book Jane Eyre to describe the feeling she felt when her Auntie locked her away in the red room she could have felt trapped like a caged animal.
    The auther of Jane Eyre,Charlotte Brontë wanted describe all the feelings felt in her book and to make the emotions clear to the readers.

  10. michaela taylor

    The writer uses Pathetic fallacy to set a mood and make the reader want to carry on reading. It makes the characters emotions clear to the readers

  11. Harry Cheong

    The writer used Pathetic fallacy in mice of men this book and it is because the book said lot of people lost their job, so it makes the emotions clear to the reader, it can let them feel it and curry on read this book.


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