Year 11 CA

here’s all you need for your Controlled Assessment. You have had plenty of practice on this (last year and before Christmas) – you need to:
What must the response to the task show?
The response must show that students can:
• make comparisons between two UK Attractions texts
• select appropriate details from two UK Attractions texts to support their ideas
• explore how writers use presentation and language to communicate their ideas and
perspectives in two UK Attractions texts.
How should students present the response?
A written response of up to 1000 words.

The key word here is DETAIL – read the texts extremely carefully and make comparisons about the way the writers put across their points and perspectives.

5EH01 Theme Two – UK Attractions (Summer 2015 – November 2015) – Edingburgh Zoo Visitor Information webpage

UK Attractions – Information Leaflet on Beamish Museum


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