Class Team Task – 10En2 – Macbeth

LF: I will research the context of Shakespeare’s Macbeth.

I MUST be able to explain the context (background) to Macbeth.

I SHOULD be able to give a detailed account about the attitude toward witches at the time.

I COULD refer to specific historical events that might have meant the play had a more powerful effect on audiences at the time.

Team Task:

1) Find a picture of King James 1.

2) What was the attitude towards witches at the time Shakespeare was writing?

3) How did King James 1 feel about witches?  Give one interesting fact about King James and witches.

4) Where is Macbeth set?

5) Why do you think Shakespeare would have written this play?

Extension: a) What is the ‘diving right of Kings’?    b) What is a ‘Shakespearean Tragedy’?

Key Words:  Shakespeare; witches (not ‘whiches’ or ‘wichs’); superstition.


2 thoughts on “Class Team Task – 10En2 – Macbeth

  1. Felicity + Grace

    Facts about Shakespeare
    Shakespeare lived to be 52 died 23rd April 1616
    Shakespeare had seven siblings
    Shakespeare got married to his wife Anne Hathaway when he was 18 and she was 26 they had three children together and one of them died
    He had a connection to king James 1st

    2. The attitude towards Witches when Shakespeare was writing was that they were the devils creation and they were scared that they would put a curse on them so they drowned them or burnt them at the steak.
    3. King James 1st had a very big interest in in witches and witchcraft he even wrote his own book-Daemonologie
    4. set in Scotland

    5. He wrote this play as he knew how much King James 1st was interested in witches and he knew he would come and watch it
    Extension question- a) the doctrine that kings derive their authorities from god from which it follows that rebellion is the worst political crimes
    b) A Shakespeare tradgedy is the classification of drama were there arnt any happy endings so everything can go wrong for example Romeo & Juliet

  2. Clark Baker

    Macbeth written in 1599 to 1606 is one of the famoust tragedies of William Shakespeare and it is about the rise of Macbeth to the King of Scotland, his Change into a tyrant and his end as a king.Macbeth get the throne only because he killed his predecessor. It is also about mythology, superstition and fiction in this context. There are 3 wichtches in this play who telled Macneth thhat he is destined to be the king.


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