Mr Bakewell’s Home Learning for 072

Hello 072 – I really enjoyed your performances today. For your Home Learning for next Monday (19th), please show your writing skills by improving your lines for your scenes by adding adjectives and adverbs and changing some of the verbs and nouns.
MUST select words that make the story clearer to the audience
SHOULD select words that have a ring to them when performed as part of your play
COULD make the play come alive with character and imagery

My darling girl always try to be good and say your prayers
Go to the kitchen kitchen maid
I’m getting you all gifts
Shake your branches and leaves little tree, shower your gold and silver down on me
This is my partner
She has escaped me again
A perfect fit in a golden shoe

The donkey, the cudgel and the table
Goat, have you had enough to eat?
You pack of liars
Table, be laid
Cudgel, out of the sack!
I may be small, but I think I can help

The Bird the Mouse and the Sausage
Once upon a time, a mouse a bird and a sausage became friends
They built a house and lived together in peace and happiness
After all the boasting however, the bird called the second bird a fool
After what the other birds said, the bird refused to go and get the wood
We all swapped jobs
When the sausage went to the woods, he was eaten by a dog
While the mouse was trying to cook, it tried to jump into the frying pan to grease it up, but got burnt and died

The Lady and the Lion
What would you like for a present when I come back
Father I would like a rose
Please may I have my life and this rose, In return for your rose, could I please have the first thing you see when you get home
Happy wedding!
Your sister is having a wedding – would you like to go. Yes but you must come with me – I’ll protect you from all light
But little did they know there was a little crack in the door
Now I must fly around the whole world for 7 years
I saw the little white dove – he turned into a lion and is fighting a lion who is an enchanted princess
They both escaped the princess’ castle and lived happily ever after
The Golden Goose
There once was a man with three sons
The first son went to the forest to cut down some trees
The second child decided to go as well
Since you have such a generous heart, I will give you the gift of luck
Dummling found a golden goose in the tree
The three sisters got stuck to the golden goose when they were trying to pluck out a feather
Because Dummling had made the princess laugh, they got married.


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