7En1 SRA Fairytales Due Monday 12th January

Are fairytales just for children?

You need to write a response the length of one page in your homelearning books.

Success criteria:

You must include reasons for your answer, explaining why you think what you do.

You should include examples of fairytales you know to support your point of view.

You could compare different points of view in a balanced argument and finish with a conclusion.


2 thoughts on “7En1 SRA Fairytales Due Monday 12th January

  1. lillymay bryant

    Hi Mrs Ray, here is my homework

    In my opinion fairytales are so not just for children! They can be for any age group it’s up to you.
    people usually think that farytales are always for little children, but their not, they can be for anyone.

    Things like Rapunzel, little red riding hood and sleeping beauty are the things that people/adults don’t think are for older people, there are many fairytales in the world and some we probably don’t even know about, but you don’t even know if some are even made for teens and above.

    The evidence that I have got is all in that paragraph above, and that is my opinion.

  2. jessica

    Dear Miss
    I have logged onto my blog to complete my home learning and i am stuck on my English that you set for us on Friday.
    Can i come and see you, so you can explain to me what i have to do, could you please give me until Tuesday to complete it.

    Thank you Miss

    Jessica Collins


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