Holiday work!

Happy Holidays!
I am hoping some of you are here to look for some revision during the holidays. I am setting questions on Of mice and Men and Heroes. As you know the three parts should take no longer than 35 minutes in total. i will be setting six of these over the course of Christmas – that will be only 3 and a half hour’s revision – but worthwhile. The best way would be to try to answer them, then use the clues that I have posted below to help you improve your answer before posting them or emailing them to me, and I will feedback.

Page 6/7 (from ‘I kneel at the communion rail’ to .’…I am going to kill.’

Answer all parts of the question.
(a) From the extract, what do you learn about the narrator, Francis?
Use evidence from the extract to support your answer.
(b) Explain how the writer uses language to make the reader feel sympathy for Francis
Use evidence from the extract to support your answer.
(c) In the extract, Francis refers to forgiveness.
Explain the importance of forgiveness in one other part of the novel.
In your answer, you must consider:
􀁸 why Francis acts as he does
􀁸 how other characters react.

Part (a) – ‘I say my prayers’ – is Francis religious or an atheist? Add to this what we learn about his education and upbringing later in the passage.
‘I pray for Enrico’ – does he care about other people or only about himself?
‘It’s hard for me to pray for him..’ how is Francis feeling?
Part (b) ‘I don’t think he was really thanking Christ’ – this is black humour and slightly sarcastic – what does it make us feel about Francis.
‘When I was six my mother died’ – is this complicated language or a simple statement – how does the way he presents this information make us feel?
And what about the way he tells us about his father? Do his words give the impression that he feel sorry for himself? How does this add to the way we feel about Francis?
Is his writing formal or informal? Conversational or literary? Does it sound like he is speaking directly to us, or writing all this down? What is the effect of the style?

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