NAN – 082/081 – Book Review – Due January 6th

Over the holidays you should be reading, I know I will be reading the book that Sam in 081 recommended me.

You need to write a book review (on the reading blog or in your book – not on paper).

All should write what happens in the book

Most should write what they like/dislike about the book

Some could recommend it to people and say why.

If you finish the book then also do an accelerated quiz on it.



3 thoughts on “NAN – 082/081 – Book Review – Due January 6th

  1. Zoe Spear 083

    “Gangsta Granny” By David Walliams

    Are you brave enough to steal the Crown Jewels? Is your granny a secret robber? Does you granny do yoga in your front room partly naked? This book is about a young boy named Ben who hates visiting his granny, he always says she boring ( hasn’t discovered she is a robber yet ) and all we ever eat is cabbage soup which I hate. While Ben is at his grannies, his mum ( Maranda ) and he’s dad ( David Walliams ) dance on strictly come dancing starred by Robbie Williams all weekend.
    When Ben is not at his granny’s he sat on the bathroom plumbing till the sun goes down. His mum has always wanted Ben to be a dancer however she always debating what happened when he was born. During the book his dad has a man to man talk with him about that he should give up plumbing and try dancing. With him talking Ben decides to give it a go and just has it heppaned strictly comes dancing does a children comp which he applies for. But it didn’t go down the way you probily expected………….
    In the second chapter Ben goes to his grannys again and asks her if she has any chocolate biscuits. Her answer is have a look up the top on the shelf. When Ben looks up there, that’s when he relises she has stolen good jewerelly. Does she have an excuse or does she do it as a living………..
    That’s when he visits granny very often as he slowly plans out how to rob the queens jewels. He roughly took 3 weeks to prepare the plan when his granny got rushed into hospital and it all changes……..

    Want to know wash at happens next??? Find out for your self. It’s an amazing funny book that I recommend to everybody any age even if your 88 it’s a book for you !!!!!

  2. Zoe Spear 083

    For gangsta granny I recommend it to all ages from ages it’s the right book for anybody because it’s full of humour, stupidness that will make you laugh your socks off. It’s one of my best books from David Walliams. πŸ˜€πŸ˜€

  3. Zoe Spear 083

    In the book Gangsta granny I like how Ben is a funny and interesting character πŸ‘ΆπŸ‘Ά however I dislike the way it always talking about his mum and dad winning this and that in dancing. πŸ’ƒπŸ’ƒ


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