Year 11 – MBA

Plan your comparisons for your CA on Wednesday – you can bring in an A3 sheet of notes – do NOT write full sentences, but single words designed to prompt your memory. To get a C grade, you have to make specific and detailed comparisons, but to get higher you need:
Discriminating comparisons showing insight.
 Perceptive exploration of the ideas and perspectives of the writers.
 Comments on images, presentation and language are perceptive.
 The selection of examples is discriminating; fully supports the points being made.
Write about the layout and format, but analyse carefully the way that word choice and sentence use and the structure of the whole text (how does it start, how does it finish) matches the purpose and audience.
Please add a comment below, asking, ‘Is this the kind of thing I should be writing?’
Mr Dettman posted the articles on the blog on 2 Dec (scroll down!)


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