NAN – 093 – Book Review – Due January 6th

Over the Christmas holidays you should be reading, I know I will be.

You must write a book review; on the reading blog or in your home learning book.

All of you must include what happens in the book (or up to how far you have read)

Most of you should be including what you thought about the book – how good was it and why?

Some of you should be recommending this book – who to and why?


2 thoughts on “NAN – 093 – Book Review – Due January 6th

  1. martha

    Over the Christmas I have been reading THE PICTS AND THE MARTYRS by Arthur Ransome this is a book that is in the series about the swallows and amazons. In the book I read there is a boy called Dick and a girl called Dorothea they are brother and sister they go to stay at Beckfoot with their friends Nancy and Peggy (Ruth and Margaret) every thing seemed happy when they arrive but then the GA (Great Aunts) sends a telegram saying she is coming to look after them while there mother is away Nancy and Peggy are disturbed by this because the GA is a Night mare to them Most great arnts are lovely people, but not this one setting dinner times making Peggy and Nancy ware their best frocks and making them play the piano and making them read to her and if the great arnt finds out they have visitors their mother will have much an awful time so they have sent dot (Dorothea) and Dick to the old dogs house with hammocks and cooking things for 11 days but the biggest problem is they need to collect there boat scrab from the boat builder the book is about how they survive 11 days on there own with Nancy and Peggy coming out after lunch while the GA is having a lie down.

  2. solomon

    the gone book is about kids and the parent go missing
    now this isn’t any spaticale mystery here

    this book is graphic
    and violent and horrible

    but I must say I love and its realistic
    even if I do have my own opinion on
    such as 10 days in children would be grabbing rocks and beating peoples heads in for an orange peel
    after reading this book
    I felt different and started apreateing everything I ate I try to eat new things now and I am of how delicate the human body is compared to fire blades and guns
    I do find myself more mentally fit more mentally violent.
    also last term I did come close to a fatal injury and I got pretty lucky about that {not talking about my tooth}

    the series is centered on the fictional American town of Perdido Beach and surrounding area, in which every human 15 and older vanishes. The town and surrounding areas become encased within an impenetrable energy barrier, with many of its inhabitants developing supernatural powers.
    there are a lot of gruesome bits in this series that I afraid if I exsplain I might drift off a bit
    there is a boy sam and he ahs a power to make a fire shoot from his hands
    in this first book they discover all the bad people and the good people or so we think
    the first book is mostly about getting to grips to the charrters


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