Mr Dettman – 10En2 – Connectives / Discourse Markers

Due: Thursday, 18th December

Connectives are the glue that holds a text together.  Connectives join ideas together in a sentence, and can join sentences and ideas together between paragraphs (these latter ones are referred to as discourse markers, when used between paragraphs).

Connectives don’t have to be just one word.  They can be phrases like ‘in other words’ or ‘just after that’.

Download and read over this list of Discourse Markers / ConnectivesDiscourse_Markers

Using Discourse markers, you need to provide a series of a minimum of three paragraphs, in which you argue for or against exams and the testing of students at GCSE level.  You could look at why testing helps pr

E Grade: You should aim to include in your argument, at least three connectives/discourse markers from the BRONZE section.

C/D Grade: You should aim to include at least four connectives/discourse markers from the SILVER section in your argument.

A/B Grade: (Minimum of five short-ish paragraphs)  You should use discourse markers to sequence (order) your argument, and use at least four discourse markers, two of which have to come from the GOLD section.

Use the paragraph below, to see how the writer uses discourse markers (in bold), and puts forward reasons about the importance of testing/exams:

First of all, examinations are student’s motivation to learn more. They compel us to solidify what we have learned, study further and practice skills. Thank to them, we have to revise old lessons till obtain all important issues. Thanks to them, we have to investigate all possible questions and unconsciously absorb new knowledge. Thank to them, we have to sharpen our logical and critical thinking,  which is essential skills in life. After all, if there was no test, then we would naturally rather play than study.

In addition, examinations, of course, help to examine students. They show students’ knowledge, abilities, and even characters.


7 thoughts on “Mr Dettman – 10En2 – Connectives / Discourse Markers

  1. iron tidge (brandon)

    In this piece of work i will be writing about wether students should be tested on their exams for their GCSE.

    i think that students should be tested for their exams because if not then the teachers might give the students wrong papers so the students get lower grades.

    a way that teachers could test students for their grades is by giving them tests to see what they actually know and work on what they dont know.

  2. SAM

    in my work i will be looking at why students get tested on there exams and whether there is any point in GCSE’s. i personally think that yes students should be tested because without it all you would do is slack instead of striving for something.
    the way that teachers should test us first is by testing us on what we have learnt and if we need to continue on that topic,all in all we should also be able be tested on hard things to make you want to try.
    aswell as that teachers should give you a GCSE grade even in younger years in secondary schools.

    ps sorry i didnt do very much its just that i had a geography essay and ive done 815 words

  3. leon

    in this argument I will be stating why i think you should not test students at GCSE level before there exams.

    in the exams people get grades from teachers which might give student the wrong thought of mind such as if they get a high grade they might start to slack off.

    in conclusion I believe that student should not take tests.

  4. Josh Hobson

    In this argument I will talk about why you should test students at GCSE level before their exams.

    I think you should test students at GCSE level before their exams because it gives them a taste of what a real one is like however, it does scare them sometimes and gets them worried but I think it is good.

    also, I think its good to test students at GCSE level because it shows the teachers what their students are made of although, it might worry the teachers I think it helps the students

    Finally I think that its good to test students at GCSE level because it show the students what they are made of on the con-try, it might scare them if they get a bad grade on the other hand, they might get a good grade and they might feel confident about their GCSE’s also, if the students do get a bad grade they know where their weaknesses are and improve in those areas.

    1. keesha noon

      In this argument I will talk about why you should test students at GCSE level before their exams.

      In my opinion I think that we as GCSE students should get tested at a GCSE level so if they get low grades then could work on it to improve this grade to a higher standard.

      In Addition to this I think that the students should also get taught in a GCSE way so they will know what to expect when they are doing there GCSE exams.

      Finally I think that its good to test students at GCSE level because it shows how much effort they will put in to there work if they know what grade they will get if there is no improvement in there work.

  5. Anna

    In this argument I will be talking about why it is important that students should get tested at GCSE, level before their actual exam.

    I think they should because they will understand what is ahead of them and what expectation they have to meet. It gives them a practice and to see what kind of questions are in the exam, it also gives the pupils an understanding of things they know and don’t know.

    When they get the practice test back then can then see what they need to improve on and if they did not get the grade they wished they can improve and hopefully see how they can get that grade for the real exam.

    Overall, there should be tests as it definitely helps the students and there is a chance of getting a good grade, Whereas if you get thrown at the deep end then they might not do as well.

  6. kurtis

    In this piece of work I will be talking about the good and bad things about GCSE mock exams
    I believe it shows how well the students understand the teaching throughout the lessons over the year.

    .Secondly I believe that it gives you an idea of the questions you are likely to have in future exams.

    Where as the bad parts of the exams are the pressure put onto the students before the real exam, causing students to panic.
    Therefore I think that GCSE exams do benefit the students and teachers.


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