Mr Dettman – 10En2 – Comparing for Language Choices

Due: Wednesday, 17th December

Read the Roald Dahl and Anthony Browne Scholastic Book Club website interviews: 

Anthony Brown Webpage

Roald Dahl Interview

Roald Dahl Interview

A This website has been constructed with an adult audience in mind.

B This website has been constructed with a young audience in mind.

D/E Target:  Take either A or B, and choose which of the websites you think each statement was written for.  Then, select two phrases from each interview which back up what you have said. Use P.E.E. paragraph styles for each of the four paragraphs you write.  

1. Make your POINT about the type of audience (adult or young). 2. Back it up with your selected quote (EVIDENCE). 3. EXPLAIN how your selected quote/evidence relates to the writer’s purpose and your audience.

C/B Target: Compare and contrast over four paragraphs, the language that each author uses, and how it links in to their ideas (PURPOSE) and the AUDIENCE to whom each is speaking.  You need to refer to specific evidence, and give detailed explanation for each of your chosen quotes, to get into higher bands.

Use the marking criteria to review your responses and give yourself a mark based on what you’ve written.  Any accurate guesses get Positives toward your Effort Grades!

Marking Criteria

Marking Criteria


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