Mr Dettman – 11En3 – SMART Target – Short Term Target #1

Due: Monday, 8th December

11En3 –

If you missed today’s lesson, set yourself 3 SMART targets, using the format below:

Those of you who were there, please use your MOCK EXAM SELF ASSESSMENT, to complete ONE question from your exam (one that you didn’t score highly on), and attempt to beat it.

 This will be one goal that has been achieved.

Here is the exam paper and the insert:

iGCSE – Insert

iGCSE – Paper

S – Be specific (Set three specific targets – 2 long term and one short term)

M – Measurable (Make sure you set a time limit by when you want t achieve each target).

A – Action! (Make sure you take action when you say you will.)

R – Realistic (Don’t make your targets achievable, but also, make sure to push yourself to progress and become stronger.)

T – Timely (Manage your time well.)

SMART Targets

SMART Targets


3 thoughts on “Mr Dettman – 11En3 – SMART Target – Short Term Target #1

  1. anya russell

    my smart targets are to try and get higher on a 4 question paper.
    two forces on expanding my questions with more detailed words.
    third revise the higher mark questions

  2. williamcheong

    I think firstly I need to read more or do more papers, then in the next real exam, then I can read the paragraph faster, then I will have more time to do the question.
    Secondly I need to read more careful on the question, then I will not answer the wrong thing.
    thirdly I am going to revise more knowledge or information for higher mark questions.

  3. mrdettman Post author

    Well done Anya. Focused SMART target, though remember to set a time limit to when you want to achieve this. Make it manageable. Also, remember your capital letters to start each sentence.


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