NAN – 082 – Letter – Due Thursday 4th

Write a letter as if you were one of the children, writing to your parents about what you have been through. I will be focusing on your use of punctuation.

3/4 – Use commas, full stops and possibly question/exclamation marks.

5 – Should also include brackets

6 – Should also include semi-colons and dashes


2 thoughts on “NAN – 082 – Letter – Due Thursday 4th

  1. Archie Holmes

    dear mum
    I have not seen you for a few years I just want to say that I miss you and I can not wait to see you again

    your sincerely bronnia

  2. Zennen

    Dear Mum and Dad 7th December 1942

    It is a long time since I last saw you, I have been keeping safe and well. Bronnia (misses bossy) set up a small school so I have learnt some new things!Also with my friends we have learnt how to survive in these hard times. We have met a boy called Yan who claims he has met you.Do you know or remember him?We have been sneaking on trains to try and find you.

    The other day I was taken in to a camp were I got food but I ran away, the girls came looking for me at the camp although I was with the chef, later on I caught a glimps of Bronia next to a fight over food.Jans cockerel Brock it’s next Jan said “oh no we are not eating him”.Hope to see you soon,miss you lots. Your loving son Edek


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