Mr Dettman – 10En2 – Anthony Browne Research

Due: Thursday, 4th December

A-E Grade (ALL): Use the internet to research the type of books Anthony Browne writes.

D/E Grade: Name three different Anthony Browne books, and comment on the images and colours used on the colours.  How old do you think his target audience are?

C/B Grade: What age group does Anthony Browne write for?  Justify your response with specific evidence from your research.  With this in mind, discuss whether his audience would like reading this interview (or enjoy having the interview read to them) – again, develop your answer. (MINIMUM 2 Paragraphs)

Extension (for a Praise Point): Find out how many books Anthony Browne has written, and what recurring thing features in many of his books.


6 thoughts on “Mr Dettman – 10En2 – Anthony Browne Research

  1. kurtis

    Voices In The Park
    The Shape Game

    I feel that Anthony Browne uses a lot of primary colours which attracts his target audience.

    His target audience is for people who would read to their children.

  2. james

    The zoo
    The tunnel
    The colour pallete is full of bright colours and attracts the eyes of younger ages and this ties in with the primary audience that would be ages 5-9 and both gendres.

  3. leon

    3 books are little bear book, my mum and king Kong

    the little bear book is apathetic pleasing to the eye of little children uses a colour pallet of browns and whites. the target audience is for kids and the secondary audience is for parents who read to there kids.

    my mum is not as apathetic pleasing to the eye because of the cluster of stuff on the page they use a colour pallet of blues yellows reds and whites for this book like before it has the same target audience so the primary audience is for kids and the secondary audience is for parent who read to there kids.

    and finally the book king Kong this I would say is not apathetic pleasing at all the colours are dull compared to his other book using a colour pallet of blues blacks and greys I would say the that this book is aimed at teenagers who like reading classic books and the second audience is again for parents who read to there kids

  4. Josh Hobson

    I would say that Anthony Browne writes children’s books and books about monkeys.

    I have found three books

    1. gorilla
    2. The tunnel
    3. the shape game

  5. lauren

    More to explore…

    Anthony Browne

    As a child

    Anthony grew up in a village called Hipperholme, in Yorkshire. He loved art and would spend hours drawing with his beloved father. He says of his father, “He was an unusual man – outwardly strong and confident, but also shy and sensitive – a bit like the gorillas I love to illustrate now. As well as drawing, he encouraged me to play a lot of sports, such as rugby and soccer and cricket. I was small for my age and I used to go to a fairly tough school – if I hadn’t been good at sports, I would probably have been bullied.”

    As an adult

    After he left school, Anthony studied graphic design and then went on to paint the insides of people’s bodies for medical textbooks. He found this fascinating, but after three years found that the work was becoming repetitive (“if you’ve seen one stomach operation, you’ve seen ‘em all!”) and instead began designing greetings cards. This in turn led him to illustrating children’s books – his book Gorilla began life as a picture on a birthday card. Anthony lives in Kent and has two grown-up children.

    As an artist

    Gorillas feature in many of Anthony’s books. He says, “I am fascinated by them and the contrast they represent – their huge strength and gentleness. They’re thought of as being very fierce creatures and they’re not.” Anthony’s illustrations also reveal his love of the Surrealist painters, whose pictures often depict strange, dreamlike scenes (look out for all the disguised bananas hidden in Anthony’s books!). When Anthony first has an idea for a picture book, he says, “it’s a strange combination of story and images. Deciding what will be illustrated on the pages of a book is like deciding on the scenes of a film.” Anthony has won many prizes for his work, including the Kate Greenaway Medal (twice) and the Kurt Maschler Award (three times). In 2000, he received the highest international honour for illustration, the Hans Christian Andersen Award, for his services to children’s literature – the first British illustrator to win the prize since 1956. On 9 June 2009 Anthony was announced as the sixth Children’s Laureate, an appointment that recognises the importance of exceptional children’s writing in creating the ‘readers of tomorrow.’ Speaking about this latest award, Anthony says, “I hope to encourage more children to discover and love reading, but I want to focus particularly on the appreciation of picture books…. Picture books are for everybody at any age, not books to be left behind as we grow older. The best ones leave a tantalising gap between the pictures and the words, a gap that is filled by the reader’s imagination, adding so much to the excitement of reading a book.

  6. Harry Cheong

    1.The Shape Game
    3.The zoo
    The colour palette used bright colours so it can attracts
    younger children. The target audience is about (5-10) ages. He wrote the book is for the younger children to read.


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