Year 9 Transformative Writing Due Thursday 27th November SRA

Part 2 of you writing project:

Like we did in the lesson, you are going to use a story as a stimulus for writing your next poem. You need to choose a story (famous or not) and decide what the most important images, feelings and ideas in the story. This could be a story you know from childhood or one that you are reading at the moment. It could be a whole story or an extract from a story.

Decide what poetic techniques would best convey the feelings/meaning of the story and include them in your poem. For example, we decided that an irregular rhyme scheme would be a good way to show Frankenstein’s anxiety because it would show his sense of panic.

The type of poem you write is entirely up to you.


One thought on “Year 9 Transformative Writing Due Thursday 27th November SRA

  1. Sol

    by Michael grant

    This book have a lot of hate and love but also pure evil
    not just evil but pure evil
    when I think of pure I think of candle in a bowel then you get a knife or anything else with an edge and scoop the candle out till you’ve got a smooth cold surface.
    The feeling in this book are stong for the readers and the writers because in one part of the book

    they forgot to check the houses for babies so
    they went around and they found a dead baby rooting away but that’s not just how they put it but the way they did put it was very strong feelings.

    i know its just a book but the images that book gave me will never leave my mind.
    it was a very powerfull book
    i don’t mean powerfull as in phsicly but mentally
    a bit like if iran said to a country like lets say as an example borneo
    bow down or well nuke you
    its all mentally not psyicly.

    images :
    blue blood
    papper cuts
    whip on dead pig { I am not jokeing or trying to be funny miss }

    that is my homework for the assement


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