Mr Dettman – 11En1 – Section C: Past Paper Question

Due: Wednesday, 26th November (hand in to Mr Bakewell or to me)

Past Paper Question #2  – To be answered on A4 paper (minimum, one and a half sides)

Write a review for a travel website about a destination of your choice.

‘Wax on, wax off!’ – remember to use your planning techniques to structure your piece before you write!

Step 1: Planning

G – Genre          A – Audience           P – Purpose

Write P-E-R-S-U-A-D-E on your sheet to remind you, and serve as a checklist.

P=Power of 3  E=Emotive writing      R=Rhetorical Qu.   S=Say Again (Repeat)    U=Undermine the opposition     A=Anecdote (tell a story)        D=Direct Address        E=Exaggerate

Consider 3-4 reasons (add to your circular plan) why the venue is a magnificent holiday destination, and use the Power of Y to add adjectives / extra detail / further points, so that you can expand upon your initial point.

Start and finish strongly, and don’t forget to use all those good things you’re learning in class: varying punctuation; varying sentences and paragraph lengths for effect; varying your persuasive devices.  Remember to sell your destination, and feel free to exaggerate!

We will add this to your spreadsheet of results when marked, to see how much progress you’re making.


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