10En1 English: Sparknotes Due Monday 24th November SRA

Your mission is to successfully navigate the fantastic resource that is http://www.sparknotes.com

Find the section called ‘No Fear (Shakespeare)’ and browse the features for ‘The Merchant of Venice’.

You need to record your browsing by a) listing 3 features you used/read and b) making a note of how useful they were in enriching your understanding of the play.


3 thoughts on “10En1 English: Sparknotes Due Monday 24th November SRA

  1. George

    a) 1. Merchant of Venice A1S3 Transcript.
    a) 2. List of Characters
    a) 3. A3S1 Transcript

    b) All the resources helped me better understand the characters, especially Shylock. Via the “translated” script I even learnt a new word: default means to fail to pay the loan.

  2. Charlie

    1) a) List of characters
    b) A2S7
    c) A3S3

    2) I found the webpage extremely user friendly. It is set out in a simplistic way, so it is easy to use. I found the list of characters extremely useful as it gave a real insight into a characters POV which helped me understand feelings towards other characters and why they have them.

  3. Michael

    a) List of Characters
    b) Helpful translations and shows original
    c) You can custom select what you require

    I found the page to help with those, like me, who struggle to understand Shakespeare, and it provides a simple layout in which you can select the area of a certain book. Because of this, I personally now understand more of the play, and I don’t notice only the obvious through the original copy,


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