Mr Dettman – 10En2 – Reading a Non Fiction Text

Due: Thursday, 20th November

C/D Grade:

1. Click on this link to complete the Bitesize learning test on Reading a Non Fiction Test, all 1-10 Questions, posting your score underneath this post, or writing it in your Home Learning Book / Planner.

Before you answer each question, Google a word if you do not know it. e.g. ‘indirect language’ or ‘alliteration’.  This is research, and will give you a better chance of getting the question right.

2. Write down one question that you did not know the answer to, and explain what the correct answer is, and give an example where possible

A/B Grade: 

Identify and comment on why the writer has used the following types of language of the following piece of descriptive writing from a holiday brochure.

a) Adjectives.

b) Adverbs.

c) Structure (Paragraphing.)

Make your way to the beautifully-crafted, visually-impressive, stained glass window at the side of this magnificent old room. Place your hands on the rustic, weathered handles and swing firmly outwards, in one majestic, gliding motion.

It’s that easy.

When the window is opened, lean forward and breath deeply of the fresh morning dew, calmly taking in all the sights and smells of the superbly-formed countryside in front of you.


12 thoughts on “Mr Dettman – 10En2 – Reading a Non Fiction Text

  1. Josh Hobson

    I got 5/10

    the question I did not know the answer to was “What is the meaning of “indirect” language?”
    I searched for the answer but found nothing.

    1. mrdettman Post author

      I can’t believe that there was nothing on the Internet – using – Google – that told you what ‘indirect’ language was. Go back, have another look, and let me know what you think it is.

      Also, you must have got more than one wrong to get 5/10 – have a 10 minute revision of Reading a Non Fiction text on Bitesize (easy to get to from the quiz), take the test again, and let me know what you got. If you get 7, I’ll give you a Praise Point.

      1. iron tidge (brandon)

        mr.D i would like to have your email because i cant get onto my school email and i would also would like to know what i can search for extra english work?

  2. Morgan.Schween

    Hi Sir I got 8/10 I don’t know how but I did and I cant do the homework what has to be in tomorrow.Need more time to do that do you think in can have more time to do the home work what has to be in tomorrow.
    from Morgan

  3. iron tidge (brandon)

    Why is every one saying hello sir? But any way ‘
    When i took the test i don’t know how but i got 10/10 i dont know how to be honest but still i got 10/10.
    Because I got 10/10 i cant do the second part sorry.

  4. $AM

    i got 9/10 which was relatively good if i say so myself but any way the question that i got wrong was the final question i think the reason that i didn’t get this was because i didn’t read the question properly, i have looked it up on what it meant and im pretty sure that i know how to work that question out now

  5. mrdettman Post author

    Sam, go back through this piece of horrifically put together paragraph – shame on you! Can you change all ‘i”s in ‘I”s (always capitalise – that’s just text speak coming through). Fix up the first sentence using the appropriate punctuation too. If you can present the perfectly edited, accurate sentence, first time, there’s a Praise Point in it for you.


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