NAN – 10EN2 – Self Evaluation – Due Monday 24th

Evaluate how you presented your part of the poem.

D – Were you clear? Did you work well as a team? How would you improve next time? Was it include the necessary details?

C – Also include which group you felt performed the best (it could be that they improved the most) and why.


7 thoughts on “NAN – 10EN2 – Self Evaluation – Due Monday 24th

  1. keesha noon

    I think as a group we presented the poem well. I think that some spoke clearer and louder then other but we did have a lot of information on are power point which we had wrote about the last stanza (9).We worked well as a team and gave each other good ideas.
    Next time i think we could do more research about, the poem and go into more detail about the meaning of the last stanza in the poem.
    I think the group that had the best presentation was Janos and katarina’s group as they spent a lot of time on the amount of information. Also the strutter of the power point was clear and it was very well spoken.

    1. Annie Hayman

      As a grouped we didn’t work together to get our powerpoint done to the best of our ability, I spoke well nut not loud enough, we needed ton add to our presentation with more information about the poem.We gave everyone a part to do and everyone gave their own ideas to add to each slide. it was clear and well spoken.

  2. Josh Hobson

    I think I didn’t speak clear enough and I didn’t learn my lines well enough to speak them well.

    we did a presentation on our stanza and it had a lot of information about the stanza, our group did stanza 9 which was the last one and the last group to do our presentation.

    Next time I think our group needs to get closer so we could works more as a team and not 3 people work on one presentation and then 1 work on another presentation, also I think we needed to prepare more to do better.

  3. iron tidge (brandon)

    i think that if i was to not say ‘umm’ alot i would of done better and if i didnt mumble aswell and i like that i didnt have to read of the bored alot i made a script for each slide and learned them. but if i spoke louder i would of done better too.

  4. leon

    i believe when i was talking i was as clear as i could have been, as a team i think that we worked well together to get the presentation done. to improve next time i could talk more and i believe that all of are information was relitent.

  5. $AM

    I think that me personally spoke clear because I knew what I was doing whereas my group were not cooperating very much, which leads onto my next point being that, no we did not work well as a team I think this was mainly because Kurt and Annie were both thinking that they wouldn’t be in so did not put any effort in which meant that me and brad had to do it our selves. next time I think that we could actually cooperate instead of just letting one person (me) do all of the work this could have meant a better grade and a better presentation. we did have very necessary details but we did write enough to explain about those details we did how ever all put a bit into the work which was a great start but not good enough to have made it worth while.
    I think that the best group had to be the German group because they explained very well and did not have a script to look at they just knew the information themselves and developed there points.

  6. Harry Cheong

    I think I knew what I was doing, whereas my group, didn’t do well, because my group didn’t have a good power point, and we don’t have enough information let people see, so we just can read our research information out. However, I can’t spoke really clear and Morgan forgot to bring her glasses, she can’t read our information, so she can’t speak anything.
    I think Janos group is the best group, because they got a very good power point, in this power point got a lot good information and in his group everyone also spoke clear and explain very detail, so they are the best group.


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