Mr Dettman – 10En2 – Analyse a Website

Due: Wednesday, 19th November

C/D Grade:

Read the Interview with Suzanne Collins (above), author of The Hunger Games, from the Scholastic Reading Club website.  Using the correct website terminology, analyse how the presentation (colours; font choices; images etc.), layout (structure of the website) and language (ensure you’re using quotes to make each point) of the website reflects its target audience.

A/B Grade:

Locate two Entertainment or Information websites (remembering to say they gratifies – that is why it’s ‘used’ – by the audience) and, using the correct website terminology, compare how the presentation, layout and language of the website reflects its target audience.

*(You must place emphasis on the language aspect of the question, and select appropriate quotes to score highly.)

Find the GCSE marking criteria below.  Once you’ve finished, try and guess your mark for a Praise Point!

Marking Criteria

Marking Criteria


5 thoughts on “Mr Dettman – 10En2 – Analyse a Website

  1. keesha noon

    The first web page i have looked at is “youtube”. This web page has got a lot of advertising banners and sky scrappers. It is written in a none formal way without serifs to make it clearer and easier for anyone to read. The cooler pallet they use is red, white and black for there made colours. But for the Heroshots and Thumbnails are different colours most times when you click on them as there will be different type of videos on there .

    The second type of web page i have been looking at is Boohoo which is a clothing web site this page will be more Formal then “Youtube” As it is aged for 16-40 years olds. The main colours they use is Black and white(Wit a small amount of pink on there logo ,ho make it stand out more)and then the different Thumbnails will change as Fashion and style changes Quickly.

  2. iron tidge (brandon)

    the first web page i looked at was google
    ( this website is an searching webstite wich could lead to both entertainment and imformtion the user age of this i think would be 10-80.

    the second website i looked at was (miniclip this website is entertainment because there is alot of games and thi is from the ages 10-18 because there are some really young games and older games.

    1. mrdettman Post author

      Brandon: go back and add a) capital letters (three mistakes in the first sentence), b) spelling/error corrections; c) using the correct Website terminology that you have learned, in the (rather short) examples you have provided. I expected more from the student in the class who is always responding so well in this current website analysis task!

  3. $AM =}

    the first website I chose was youtube, the presentation of the page is very basic and the colour pallet is very limited because there are only 3 main colours, which are red, black and white which is very plain and boring. youtube gratifies its audience by using basic wording and simple ways of getting around its page (navigation bar). the language is like I said very simple and easy to read which allows people to guide themselves around that website,
    the second website I chose was the sun website which is a widely know information newspaper. the reason that it is an entertainment website is because of the gossip on the front cover to grip you and make you want to read it, also the colour pallet is very similar to you tube’s because of the main colour being red. the hero shot on this website is just gossip and deals on phones etc. also it gratifies the audience because it has story’s that everyone is interested in reading from Zayne from one direction to sir Alan sugar.

  4. Alex (McConnell) Bennellick

    The first website I looked at was YouTube. The presentation if this website is very casual. There aren’t many colours to the colour pallet, the colours are very limited as they only use three main colours which are red, black and white. The audience to YouTube are aimed to any ages of 5+. The entertainment of this webpage is you can find out news on it you can watch funny clips and also post your own videos on it. The webpage uses skyscrapers and a lot of advertising banners.

    The second website i looked at is Topshop. Topshop is a clothing website. The presentation of this webpage is plain but very girly. The colour palette is white and black. The audience of this webpage is ages 14+. They have got a few advertising banners.


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