093 – NAN – Coraline’s relationship with her dad – Due Thursday 13th

Using the quotes found in today’s lesson. Answer the following question:

How does the story about the wasps represent Coraline’s relationship with her father?

This must be answered using P.E.E

Those who were a 4A at the end of year 8 are to try to include either a second quote, a second meaning of the quote or how this would impact the reader.

If you were a 4B or below, here are some sentence starters that you may use:

Coraline has a very ________ relationship with her father. This is shown in the chapter when the wasps attack. The author writes that “____________” to show…..

2 thoughts on “093 – NAN – Coraline’s relationship with her dad – Due Thursday 13th

  1. tia noon

    Caroline has a very happy and trust worthy relationship with her farther like went he said, “ RUN to the top of the hill!” he was not far behind and there was a swarm of wasps at the bottom of the hill.
    So basically he has saved her from getting stung because he had loads of stings and she had one. So they trust and care for each other. There relationship is very strong.

  2. solomon polak

    This peticular piece of writeing shows that she trusts her dad without a fought
    as he said and I quote RUN this shows that she has complete faith in him no dout at all
    witch me as who I am
    would take a 10/100 second to think about it
    then I would go because I do not have absalot complete faith in anybody but I do have faith if you know what I mean.

    the trust she and her dad have at that moment in time is a trust you don’t argrae with because you know you will loose.

    what he did was save his cheild from being stung and as the writer has put it she only got stung once bye the tricep yet the dad got stung 37 time I belive all over his body he has to now live with that remeberance of that pain

    hello miss its Solomon I have dyslexia and that includes short lossmemeory so I have to go over things a lot of times and I realy still need help with some of the bacies like punuation and over things
    I haven’t been able to learn them in the over 2 schools ive been to because I forght they where meaning less so I just write down the writeing nothing else so me and my mother was wondering if we could sometime have a meeting
    thankyou miss
    from Solomon polka


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