Mr Dettman – 11En3 – iGCSE – Travel Writing Journal / Diary

Due: Wednesday, 12th November

Have a read of the BBC Bitesize pages (4 brief sections) on Travel Writing

Richard Sterling: Travel Writer

Richard Sterling: Travel Writer

Then, read the following extract from travel writer, Richard Sterling’s book, The Fearless Diner, and write an A4 written / half A4 if typed JOURNAL / DIARY entry in which you describe to your friends and family your experience at the restaurant: R Sterling Travel Writing

1) What the restaurant was like.

2)  The waiter and guests of the restaurant.

3) What the meal was like (be descriptive here!)

Mr Dettman’s TOP TIP: Try and keep your tone informal (as you’re writing to family and friends, and use the three points above, to help structure your response; maybe each could be a paragraph…)  Remember to include your planning on your response paper.

Download this helpful iGCSE Exam Writing Tips sheet for more help on Journal Writing:

iGCSE Help Book Forms of Writing

2 thoughts on “Mr Dettman – 11En3 – iGCSE – Travel Writing Journal / Diary

  1. anya russell

    well mom what could I say. I had the most amazing birthday every, sandy ,Lauren, matt me we all went to this lovely restaurant, great big lanterns as lights glowing the room up with love yellow and orange lights . the rooms where massive red walls, brown polished floor. but that wasn’t all they had the softest music going in the background, loads off white tables with red cloth over them. The staff where lovely very cheer full and kind and always willing to have a laugh always asking us if we are ok and if we have enjoyed it and if we would like anything else they would never rush us. the are all patient. they are the most popular restaurant so we have to wait to. they food is amazing white cream sour with mushrooms and a tender bit off chicken. the crunchiness of the chips, and the warm taste off the peas, that’s what matt had. Lauren well as you know she is very fussy, she had the most amazing meal out off us all the strong warm smell off the coconut and the smell off freshly cooked rich and the tender chicken with the creamy yellow sour. sandy he had a big portion off some crispy cod in batter the crunching off it has it hits his mouth , and the warm smell off bake beans and the crispness off his chips. But me I had they chewiest fresh smell off fish the coldness off the prawns swirling around in my mouth like a ice bur. then after a warm hot crispy jacket potato, with the coldness off tuna and the yellow cheese and the hot smell off beans. everything was amazing and perfected but some off the people here eating where not nice and friendly some where but not all I can say mom is that you would love it here its more in your day in ages .

    1. mrdettman Post author

      Hi Anya, well done on completing this task. You’ve really got the informal, family feel to this piece of writing. You must however, make sure you’re using Paragraphs when you write. Remember the TiP TOP technique for when you need to change. Change of TIME, change of PLACE, change of TOPIC. Can you copy and paste this back into the reply box, and have another go at putting some paragraphs back in? (You won’t be able to get above a D grade at GCSE without paragraphing.) Also, go back and add in your capital letters after every full stop.

      Thanks, Mr Dettman


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