NAN – 081 and 082 – Due first lesson after half term.

Read and complete an accelerated reading quiz about the book.

If you do not finish it, write a review for the book so far.

Remember 85% is a pass on the quiz!


6 thoughts on “NAN – 081 and 082 – Due first lesson after half term.

  1. Sam Green

    I haven’t finnished my book yet so i will do a review on it so far.
    The book i am reading is called Insurgent it is the second book in the Divergent series. So far Tris has just run away from the Dauntless and Erudite army who are tracking her and a bunch of other people involved. They seek out somewhere to think of they plan. So they go to the Amity people, but its not long before Erudite find. which forces the to run with one of the house keepers caled Susan. Susan has a melt down because someone she knew was shot.
    Thats where I got to an i hope to finish it before the film comes out.

  2. Emilie Frost

    I am reading binny for short and I am enjoyed it so far and I think it should be good for other people because it’s like a back story of her. It’s like the life she had it start for then she was 8 and go to 11 years old

  3. Zennen

    Diary of a wipy kid Rodrick rules

    I like it because there parents go away on holiday and leave him and his older brother on there own and they have a party and a lot of things go wrong. My favourite part is when Rodrick tells Greg to get some chairs and locks greg in the basement for the night. I think this book is best for ages 10-14 yrs

    1. nicolaanslow Post author

      A very popular book. Who would you recommend this to?
      Make sure if it belongs to them you say their, not there.


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