NAN – 11EN2 – Exposition and plan of the Journey – Due Monday 13th

This is how you should structure your piece of creative writing.

  • 1- Setting (describe)
  • 2- What’s about to happen?
  • 3- Character – ‘Jen was always…’ include an anecdote
  • 4- Exposition – looking back in time
  • 5- Action
  • 6- Climax
  • 7- Reflection (learning)

Plan what will happen in each section of your ‘The Journey’ story and write the exposition (200 words).

D – Keep the reader interested by writing fluently and accurately.

C – Use short snappy sentences to show something dramatic and complex sentences to give detail.

B – Vary the punctuation used in your complex and short sentences ( a – creates a longer pause)


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