NAN – 11EN2 – Planning a story – Due Thursday 9th

  • In groups of 7 – plan a story using the 7 stage structure.
  • 1- Setting (describe)
  • 2- What’s about to happen?
  • 3- Character – ‘Jen was always…’ include an anecdote
  • 4- Exposition – looking back in time
  • 5- Action
  • 6- Climax
  • 7- Reflection (learning)

D – Plan the events that you will talk about

C – Consider the vocabulary that you will use

B – Also look at how you will impact the reader with your sentence structure and punctuation

Groups are as followed:

  • Theresa, Georgia L, Emily, Sarah, Anna, Coral, Natalia – Action
  • Georgia B, Nele, Paris, Megan A, Kayleigh, Eloise, Megan P – Horror
  • Troy S, Liam, Elliot, Aiden, Keiran, Ewan – Romance
  • Otis, Solley, Ryan, Jacob, Joe E, Josh – Comedy
  • Connagh, Connor, Jamie, Joe M, Shane, Troy J – Adventure

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