Mr Dettman – 11En3 – Paul Theroux Writing

DUE: Thursday, 16th October (1 Week)


For your first graded iGCSE Directed Writing Task (Part 2 of the Exam), please write a letter in response to the piece of Writing (attached).

1) Download the Paul Theroux_Railway Reading <—click this link. Read the piece from Paul Theroux’s Travel Diary.

2) Complete a 1 to 1 and a half page response A4 (written) to the questions, as below:


Use the link below if you would like more inspiration / material on which to comment:

* For those looking to get higher marks, make sure to paragraph properly, use a range of punctuation (like some we looked at today in class), and check spellings that you’re unsure of before writing.

You must have a shot PARAGRAPH BY PARAGRAPH PLAN above your written response.


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