Year 10 H/L for Miss Anslow

Due Tuesday 7th – research the conflict in Ireland between 1969 and 1997 between the Catholics and the Protestants.

C grade will be linking it to the poem and using quotes to back it up.

All pupils must write at least a page.


4 thoughts on “Year 10 H/L for Miss Anslow

  1. Josh Hobson

    my research on the home learning.
    In the early 17th century, as part of their plan to subjugate Ireland, the English government decided to ‘plant’ settlements of English and Scots colonists in Ulster, on land taken away from the native Irish who had remained faithful to the Catholic religion and were regarded as potential rebels. These plantations are the historical cause of the present ethnic and religious divide. The Protestant community, mainly consisting of Presbyterians (of Scots origin), still form a majority in the north, whereas Catholics predominate in the south. The northern Catholics feel little allegiance to the British crown.

  2. iron tidge (brandon)

    My research shows that the IRA The Provisional IRA emerged from a split in the Irish Republican Army in 1969, partly as a result of that organisation’s perceived failure to defend Catholic neighborhoods from attack in the 1969 Northern Ireland riots. The Provisional’s gained credibility from their efforts to physically defend such areas in 1970 and 1971.

  3. Harry Cheong

    In my research, Northern Ireland problem by nationalists in Northern Ireland for 30 years (mostly Roman Catholic) and unionist community (mainly Protestant) repeated intense violence between members of the community composition. Conflict due to the status of Northern Ireland within the United Kingdom controversy, Britain and to account for ethnic communities to implement the rule of the minority faction, as well as discrimination against ethnic majority joint faction faction caused. The battle between armed paramilitary groups is characteristic of the conflict, including the Provisional IRA in combat activities in 1969-1997, its objectives in Northern Ireland aims to end British rule and the establishment of a new “all-Ireland the “(all-Ireland), Republic of Ireland.

  4. $am

    In my research I found out that England invaded Catholic Ireland, because of Irish language, culture, law and housing .Locals didn’t like it, they attacked the invaders and the invaders attacked back. The conflict was mainly a political one, although it wasn’t a religious conflict it was mainly just because of Northern Ireland wanting to remain within the United Kingdom. there hasn’t been just one occasion there has been three decades of violence between Northern Ireland and the uk and it has always been to do with the same matter.


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