Year 10 Bayonet Charge Home Learning

How does the poet show emotions is Bayonet Charge?

D – use evidence to explain the language and techniques used to present emotions

C – use evidence and explain the impact on the reader when discussing how the writer uses language, structure and form to present emotions.


2 thoughts on “Year 10 Bayonet Charge Home Learning

  1. Harry Cheong

    The poet show he think he can’t save all the people, and he must sacrifice somethings to have another things. When he can see the bullet go thought some kids the belly, and hear the air out of the kids belly. He think he’s so inability, but he didn’t give up, he do everything to try to save this world. He “threw up a yellow hare that rolled like a flame And crawled in a threshing circle, its mouth wide open silent, its eyes standing out. He plunged past with his bayonet toward the green hedge, King, honour, human dignity, etcetera Dropped like luxuries in a yelling alarm To get out of that blue crackling air His terrors touchy dynamite.” This all can let reader know the poet so love his place, so he try to save it, and he prove this successful.

    1. nicolaanslow Post author

      I really like how you have interpreted ‘smacking the belly out of the air’. Try to go into more detail about what emotion it shows and why.


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