KDE – 11En3 – iGCSE Directed Writing #1

Due: Wednesday, 24th September 2014  (Two Days)

Read the following passage as studied in class: Passage A_Gorillas

Using your plan, imagine you are the writer’s friend, Lary.

Write a letter to a member of your family after your visit to the gorilla sanctuary.  Answers MUST be a page to a page and a half, to two pages long.

In your letter you should:

  • make the chimps and gorillas sound interesting and lovable;
  • give your impressions of Mark and of Madame Yvette;
  • persuade your family to support the work of the sanctuary.

I will mark this using the iGCSE exam criteria.  Your mark will go onto your progress charts, and your feedback examined afterwards, in order fo you to see how to improve and progress.


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