KDE – 11En3 – iGCSE Paper 1 – Will Randall in Botswana

DUE: Monday, 22nd September

Dear 11En3 – Very impressed with around 70% of you today – some of you are really showing me that you want to succeed in this exam.  Learning Muscles for those who I mentioned at the end of the lesson.

Scores from your marked work will be going on a Progress Chart, to see how you’re improving.

Those of you who weren’t as focused, show me that you’re willing to give this iGCSE paper a go, by completing this Home Learning to the best of your ability, by the DUE DATE above.  Hand it to me before school, and you’ve got yourself a Learning Muscle

Home Learning: Complete Question 2 – Directed Writing – Letter from Will Randall to a Friend (n.b. remember, this is an informal letter, and you need to answer each of those bullet points, from what you’ve read in the text – a highlighter, or underlining appropriate phrases/lines may help!)

Here’s the paper if you didn’t take home a copy – you’re welcome to type it up: iGCSE – Paper 1

* If you have yet to finish them, please complete questions a) through h), ensuring that you’re paying attention to the number of marks on offer (one mark per sentence!)  Also, pay attention to the examiner’s instructions (the paragraph / line number where you need to look; don’t copy out quotes directly out from the text, but rather re-phrase in your own words.)


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