KDE – 10En2 English – Draft an Opening

DUE: Thursday, 18th September

When completing your opening, pay attention to PARAGRAPHING (otherwise you don’t get higher than a D at GCSE!) and the correct use of a range of PUNCTUATION.

D Grade: Draft an opening for your short story, paying particular attention to your use of the senses.  Paint a picture with words, trying to use vivid (you can picture it) adjectives to heighten the reality, and make the reader feel that they are there (through the experience of the character in the story).

C Grade: Draft your opening, starting ‘in media res’ (‘in the action’).  As we looked at today, you may want to use: direct speech or with a scene in which your character is experiencing action.

B-A Grade: Use one of the narrative hooks (attached), to create an engaging opening.  You should be able to show this to your partner, and have them correctly guess the type of narrative hook you’ve used.


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