KDE – 9En1 – Gothic Descriptions

Due: Tuesday, 9th September

Two paragraph as a minimum.

Placing emphasis on the use of your Senses, describe and OBJECT and/or SETTING in the Gothic Style.  You may want to use Google to give you some ideas for objects/settings to use as stimuli.


a) use somewhere with which the class will most likely be familiar (in the local area perhaps, or somewhere well-known in the UK).


b) use somewhere that you wouldn’t expect to be creepy, and make it feel ominous.


10 thoughts on “KDE – 9En1 – Gothic Descriptions

  1. Yaz

    The school hallways seemed to be getting closer and closer, my trembling hands reached out to push them away but it was insanely impossible. Dark shadows lurched in front calling my name. Clammy hands grasped my uniform tearing it apart and scraping my skin. I screamed in horror and tried to run, before my head exploded from the pressure of the walls. School is a nightmare for most people but not this kind of nightmare.

    This was sinister torture. Suddenly, I heavily fell to the floor having tripped over something, or someone. It was a body. Cold and mangled smeared with blood, knives stuck inside the poor girls eyes. Bloody vomit rose in my throat and I violently urged up a tangled heap of blood and my own guts. I could feel them being aggressively torn from my stomach and all in one go they were on the floor…and so was I.

  2. Jonah

    A piercing shriek flooded through the vast, empty hallway, trapped in the encasing labyrinth of the hospital. The inky blackness engulfed my presence as I ventured on, taking a breath littered with the acidic odour of cleanness. I could feel my heart thrashing in my chest, every sound was augmented by the passages that doomed anyone that dared enter its depths.

    I move on and see a object through the dingy depths. Its
    a trolley, once used to carry equipment to and from patients rooms, now disused. I scrape my fingers against the trolley and look at the layer of dust that has settled around this place. I wipe my hand against my filthy jeans, and move on into the sombre hell.

  3. chessielongland

    As I gazed into the empty sky, laying on the grass, I could hear screeches of rusty metal, distant screams of 5 year old children were echoing around my mind, why did I choose to go to this place at midnight?

    It smelt like old food and iron, this place, but the one thing that struck me was that this grassy place was EMPTY. I felt shivers gradually ascending up my spine as I slowly got up and walked around, my ankles getting soaked by the dewy grass, it was getting late now – about 1am – meaning that anything could happen.

    At this point of the bleak autumn night, I got very superstitious, looking behind me for killer clowns, ghouls, witches or something of that sort to grab me by the shoulder to effortlessly chuck me into an abandoned haunted house for eternity.

    As the clocktower bell chimed in the distance to signify me that it was coming 2am, I was about to message my parents to say that I will be coming back but, suddenly, the signal went away so, I got even more superstitious about staying at this place so late in the night, will my eyes go? Will I be able to talk again? These thoughts raced, haunting my mind until IT grabbed me.

    That’s all I can remember…

  4. Katie L

    I could see some of the cobblestone paving slabs ahead of me, but I knew that a few were remained hidden because the dim streetlight that only just helped me to see things. I could see nothing that was particularly scary, yet I was slightly anxious.

    I could taste the humid of the air, I could taste the smokieness of the chimneys of the nearby factories; bitter. One of the first things I could feel hitting my palette was the taste of cheap alcohol and cigarrette smoke, which was usual around here, because there were a few clubs nearby.

    I could hear the sound of nothing but my thoughts travelling around my flustered mind like a train. I could hear the same words going back and forth; “Don’t look back.” “Don’t look back!”

    I could feel my down jacket cover my torso, enabling warmth into my otherwise frozen limbs. I could feel the shadow tower over me, making me shiver.

    I could smell the cigars and liquor linger around my nose from the remote, lonley nightclub, I could smell the moistned air comfronting my figure.

  5. Georgia

    I ran as fast as my legs would carry me; anywhere away from it…
    The pebbles crunched underfoot, seeming similar to a lullaby compared to what my ears had just witnessed. The water laps upon the beach, continually returning, somehow this reminds me of death coming back to haunt my feeble body.I find my hand running along a moss- lined rock, sodden with salty tears of the sea.

    I hear a piercing scream… a female.
    Why does that fearful feeling possess my body?… And why is IT’S mangled hand now resting on my shoulder?

  6. Katie.S

    I wandered over the dusty paving slabs, the trickle of the river along side me somewhat creepy and disturbing. I heard a distant yelp come from the middle of the river, not knowing if it was human or animal I started walking quicker, hurrying now, not wanting to get caught up in the middle of anything.

    Ten minutes later I was almost home. The river stretched out into the sea, the castles looked beautiful in the moonlight and I sat, dangling my legs off the quay wall in the calm night. Suddenly the yelp came again although it was more of a scream now and much closer too.

    Scared and wanting to be at home in the comfort of my own bed I let out a frightened weep and tried to stand up, only to realise that something had wrapped around my left foot. I screamed and the slimy thing pulled on my leg. The next thing I realized was that I was going down. Whatever it was it was slimy and cold. I screamed and screamed not to be heard by anyone. I was being submerged now, the water was coming up and over my face. It was salty yet stale and now it was covering half my face. I was fully under now and there was nothing I could do to set myself free.

  7. julie

    I run. I can’t stop, all I know is that is I have to move .I can’t think all I can do is run my heart beat is racing, my eyes darting around , my hands trebling. The killer is following.
    I continue across the pavement the moon light emits an glowing light the shadows look as if there waiting for me. An sign catches my eye my heart stops…Dartmouth academy I stare at it in shock , Of all the places I could of died. I don’t care any more send my self forwards towards hell.
    The school looms over me the door wide open I run in not thinking. The silence and emptiness shock me. The front desk ,empty the shadows move in the flickering lights. Carry on I hear the killers feet behind me but I dare not look.
    I sprint up the stairs skipping them two at an time the sound is getting closer. I slam the path ways door open as I carry on . I dart in to the furthest class room I fling it shut behind me, My heart is beating wildly. BANG the door slams open an clown stands there smiling accompanied by an chain saw.
    I’m trapped the clown is walking towards me the wind blows my hair. I tern the fire escape window is open. I do don’t think.. I run towards it and fall out the window the Brocken glass stabs into me as I fall to the ground. Every think stops. I am dead.

  8. Jenna

    I dart my eyes across around my settings. Noting but trees higher than buildings engulf me. I don’t know where my friends are – I lost them hours ago – we decided it’d be a ‘fun’ idea to go camping on Dartmoor for halloween. But here I stand, completely lost in the middle of nowhere, my body trembling from the cold. I look up at the moon. The light it emits barely lights up the area and my torch doesn’t help that much. “It’s over,” I hear a voice hiss from behind me, barely loud enough for me to hear.
    “There’s no going back now.” I hear the same voice whisper from in front of me. I was starting to worry now.
    “Your friends are dead. It’s only you. I’m suprised you lasted this long!” The voice said again from the same place. This must be a joke.

    I hear a car start in the distance and I instantly start to panic. I forget everything and run towards the noise. Not thinking, just running. Thump thump, thump thump. I can hear my heart beat start to get faster and faster. When I arrive at my destination, I hear nothing. See no car. Nothing. Perhaps the car had driven off? No, it couldn’t have – I heard it less than ten seconds ago. Twigs snap all around me, something sinister was happening, and I didn’t want to be around to find out what would be the outcome. I secretly know what will be the outcome, just wont admit it to myself yet. Snap. Crack. I’m suddenly attacked by something, a sledgehammer, perhaps? The pain in my shoulder starts to ache and I know it’s been damaged badly. I look up to what seemed to have been the attacker. Red eyes and an evil white smile stare at me, I know it’s evil at first look.

    Step, step. Drag. Step, step. Drag. I hear approaching me. I look in that direction, I see my friend, Gary, and his half mangled body, are slowly making its way toward me. “Get up. Go! Run!” He screams. I follow his orders and try my best to get away but the devilish being is too quick. Before I know it, I am like Gary. Left to rot.

  9. Louis Benjamin

    Thud! Thud! Thud! I can still hear the drumming but it never gets louder or quieter, as the woods echo with the sound of drums I walk towards a dark muddy river where I see my own reflection and then, thud! thd! Thud! to mve getting closer and closer to me, I step back snapping a twig below my foot, the water gets faster, I turn and I run.
    I am now sprinting running for my life I can feel it splash on my ankle so I pick up speed I keep hearing the crack of twigs and rustle of dry leaves. Oh no I tripped face first, I turn and then it hit me. Thud! Thud! Thud!

  10. keeley bush

    I can hear it, its screaming at me.
    I’m running now, getting faster and faster running down the never ending, abandoned street. I don’t know why I took the shortcut, my friends are always telling me how dangerous the haunted lane is, why was I so stupid not to listen to them.
    I hear what seems to be a howl, it turned out to be a hoot, just an owl. But something else strikes my attention. It grabs my shoulder and with a nasty cackle pulls me to the frozen ground. Just in time, before it rips my brains and bleeding eyes out, I spot a knife laying on the floor, I pick up the sharp knife and turned around to stab the mysterious killer, to find nobody behind me…


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