KDE – 9En1 – Rewrite a Famous Fairy Tale or Myth, with a Twist!

Due: Monday, 7th September

Choose a famous Fairy Tale (Grimm’s Fairy Tales / Hans Christian Andersen are good sources if you need inspiration!) or Myth and rewrite… with a TWIST!

The Tough Bit: it has to be under 100 words.

Challenge: You may want to try and disguise the tale and have us on the Blog, guess what the tale is.  Leaving out or changing names, or re-setting it in a modern era are some ways to do this.


13 thoughts on “KDE – 9En1 – Rewrite a Famous Fairy Tale or Myth, with a Twist!

  1. lucybranton

    In the near distant future, there lived an extremely blonde girl named Amanda. It was the day of her sweet sixteen, and Amanda hadn’t invited her extremely petty sister, Stacey. So, late that night, a drunken Stacey walked up to Amanda in vengeance and stabbed Amanda with a stiletto. The doctor could only keep her in a coma; however, mummy and daddy believed that A True Love’s FIRST Kiss would do the trick. So, Amanda’s prince charming came along, and gave her a kiss. Sadly, it didn’t work as Amanda had already had an affair with Jeremy in eighth grade. Shame.

    Sorry, i could only manage 101 words! One off!
    Good luck to you all on this challenge!
    Can you guess which fairy tale this is?

  2. chessielongland

    A Princess was in her garden playing ball. It rolled into the pond. She cried bitterly. Next day, she saw some frogs. One frog croaked, “Sad Princess, I’ll retrieve your ball, but you must kiss me so I can become a Prince”. The Princess was hydrophobic, so accepted. The frog retrieved the ball. The Princess kissed the wrong amphibian, causing chaos. This frog was pregnant, and the baby came out midkiss and leapt into the Princess. SHOCK HORROR! The ball became a bomb. She sprinted, but was too slow! BOOM…! The crows found the Princess a particularly tasty snack.

    ~ 99 Words ~

    Good Luck!

  3. Katie L

    First thing, I was at some boring party and now I’m falling in a place of complete madness and confusion. I feel my stomach doing somersaults and my heart beating fast. The two weird voices opened my eyes as I came out of what seemed an everlasting dream. “It’s ok, we’re all mad here.” The voices said in synchronisation as they latched onto my arms, dragging me into a chamber encased in red velvet. I stared up at what looked like a royal figure. She ordered ‘them’ to take me to another party I knew I would never ever forget.

    Guess that tale!

  4. julie

    Lillie was an inventor. She spent her days, weeks years trying to create cure for cancer. She so interested with her work she did not realise, what she was creating….
    When people realised she had not updated her face book… Bob set off to find her. He found her in her lab covered in smashed bottles.
    The bob kissed Lillie. It only way to wake her up but there was an catch if it was not an first kiss…Lillie eyes opened they were red and her skin was yellow an smile spread across her lips as she ripped the heart from bob and devoured it .

    she had not created and cure she had create an curse!!!
    she was an zombie….

  5. Louis Benjamin

    Dorris was skipping through the wood to get to grannys and suddenly a massive big wolf jumped out at her and ate her whole. The wolf then dressed up as Dorris, and went to grannys when the wolf got to grannys and saw granny lying on her bed fast asleep, the wolf crept towards granny and then in a flash granny woke up and judo chopped the wolf in the face, which kill it..of course.

    The End

  6. Jonah

    A handsome prince tried to find a princess. He looked everywhere but all of the women weren’t royals. One day the prince came across female who looked genuine. To test her roots the prince hid a bomb under her bed. If the princess was real she wouldn’t activate the explosion. One night the prince and princess went out the nightclub. After the party she collapsed on her bed. This was the last thing the princess felt as she was rocketed up and exploded into a human firework spraying guts and blood everywhere. The prince fled and never came back again.

  7. Georgia

    One fine day Lil’ Goldilocks was a-strolling through the woods, all of a sudden she bumped into a dear little cottage with an open door. She fumbled her way into the dining room where she saw three bowls of porridge. She tried the first spoonful of porridge…it was so vile she vomited all over the new three- piece suite. Okay, she thought, now I wait. The three bears soon arrived home, they saw Lil’ Goldilocks perched on the couch. ” Your porridge was so disgusting I decided to stay and apply for a job as a chef” she said arrogantly. She was soon accepted. The following morning she had poached bear for breakfast.

    Sorry, I may have gone over the 100 word limit.

  8. katie

    Young Beauty was wandering round the castle on her sixteenth birthday. She wandered up and down corridors and passages that she didn’t know existed, when all of a sudden she came across an empty room. Empty, that is, other than a sheet covered figure in the corner. She skipped over and ripped off the sheet, not noticing in the act that she had ripped off the top of her finger. Beauty clasped her hand screaming and started running back through the maze of walls only to notice that she was just getting even more lost and that it was over. She was bleeding to death.

    -106- sorry…

  9. adam

    one day when Jerome was in the woods with his sister honey boo boo, he saw a gingerbread house. He was ever so hungry so he went and checked it out. little did he know that there was a alcoholic badger in there. He turned only to see Honey boo boo being scoffed by garden gnomes. He ran but the badger caught him up. The badger pinned him down and ate him whole. A few hours later Jerome`s mother was looking for him … she went looking for them…only to suffer the same as Honey boo boo. The End

  10. lucy

    There once was a City infested something so horrible people couldn’t dare say their name. The mayor wanted them gone so he called upon a friend of his to get rid of the beasts. It was midnight when his friend (Spencer) kidnapped the creatures and slaughtered them one by one slowly torturing them. The bodies were burned so no trace of murder was left behind. The mayor was very pleased. 1 month later the police found the mayor’s guts spewed all over his office carpets and walls and after investigation only 2 questions remained, Who did it and where were all the children?

    Sorry i couldn’t fit it in under 100 words, its 103 i think.
    Try and guess the tale :3

  11. shannonburrows

    one cold evening little red found her self lost in the search for grandmas house, so she asked a stranger if he could point her in the right direction. However he was cunning and gave red the wrong directions. He raced to grandmas house, swallowed her whole, only leaving a piece of her flesh.little red arrived to find a burger sitting on the table, so she gobbled it up. She was soon confronted by the wolf and she realised she too had eaten grandma. Later that evening the woodsmen dropped by only to find the head of little red.

  12. Jenna

    Wendy lay awake in her bed when she sees a boy in the corner of her eye. He told her he’d take her to Neverland and escape the real world. She agreed. They flew out the window and over the magical lights of the city. They watched as the world below them started to disappear as they left the atmosphere. Wendy was having the utmost of fun when all of a sudden, her throat started to become tight and found that she could breathe no longer. Both Peter and Wendy began to turn blue and eventually died.

  13. mrdettman Post author

    Posted on behalf of Keeley:

    Dragarella was part of a very wealthy family. Her mother was sent away and was slayed by dragons because she wasn’t beautiful enough for dragarella’s father. Because of her mothers murder, a curse was put on her. The curse turned her into a zombie, so every time her step sisters, or the maids as she calls them, makes her angry she goes to her bed chamber and turns herself into a zombie.

    One day Dragarella got an invite to the ball but she didn’t want to go, so her step sisters said that wanted to go instead, but Dragarella didn’t want them to go either because she was afraid that they would get too much fame and Dragarella would become the unpopular one out of the family. An argument started and lasted for 4 hours, it suddenly ended when Dragarella turned into a zombie and pounced at the two girls standing in the door way of their on suite bathroom, blood and guts went flying across the room, splattered over the windows and all over the pearl white walls. They were dead.


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