KDE – 11En3 – Harrison Bergeron

Due: Monday, 8th September

11En3, please ensure you complete the Home Learning directly above your name. e.g. Sandy Cutler – Harrison Bergeron Comprehension Questions; William Cheong – Harrison Bergeron Vocab Home Learning.

Mr Dettman

Harrison Bergeron – Complete Short Story

Harrison Bergeron Comprehension Questions – Questions to answer after reading the short story.

; Brooke
; Dylan

Harrison Bergeron_Vocab Home Learning – Vocabulary meanings after having read the story.

Amy Jo
; Jack


One thought on “KDE – 11En3 – Harrison Bergeron

  1. mrdettman Post author

    Posted on behalf of Max:

    Q1 Kurt Vonnegut describes it to be a world where no one is different and every one is the same and that no one is worse or better then the next person. In ways it a good thing because then people want or need to change their life’s trying to make them self-look prettier or skinnier as everyone would be the same but on the other hand it’s a bad idea as no one will have any one too look up to as every one is the same.
    Q2 He was dancing with a beautiful ballerina whilst they were defying gravity kissing just below the roof when out of the blue Diana Moon Glampers barges through the door with a shot gun and shots them both out of the sky as if she was hunting birds and they both where dead before the hit the ground.
    Q3 The handicap given to George is a little ear piece that every twenty seconds or so it would send of a verity of sound that would make him forget everything, the reason George was given this handicap is because he is an intellectual man which the H-G (Handicapper General) don’t not like.
    The ballerina’s had to hear mask to cover their beauty and some of them had to hear bags of birdshot (the smallest ammo for a shotgun) to make it a fair competition.
    Q4 The punishment for every pellet removed it two years in prison and a one thousand two hundred and seventeen pound (or two thousand dollars) I believe it is an unfair punishment a better punishment would be for every ball they removed two more where added.
    Q5 The reason the say that he is a danger because they don’t know how to deal with such a smart strong boy.
    Q7 Harrison Bergeron destroys the door as he enters the room and removes his iron plates and removes his earphones and his super think glasses that left him nearly blind and Yells “I SHALL NOW SELECT MY EMPRESS” a moment passed before a ballerina arose swaying like a willow Harrison plucked the mental handicap from her ear he carefully removed her mask to reveal a blindingly beautiful women he then places his massive hands on her tiny waist then in an explosion of joy they sprung in to the air defying all gravity and movement as they jumped like a dear on the moon each time they jumped they got closer and closer to the thirty foot high roof almost as if their ambition was to kiss the roof and then they kissed at that point it was if time its self-had frozen leaving the two kissing suspended in the air moment before Diana Moon Glampers barges through the door with a shot gun and shots them both out of the sky.
    Q8 I personally don’t believe it was an appropriate way to deal with it, but in the story they have broken the one rule that no one can remove their handicaps so it might be punishable by death.
    Q9 Hazel starts crying but George leaves the room to get a beer and by the time he gets back the mind wipe had already happened so George had no idea and hazel forgot in the end.
    Q10 I believe he gives a mixed opinion on the society that in worlds like that people can break the rules and make a beautiful romantic scene but also how it can turn tragic in a mater of seconds so he shows both a good side and a bad side.


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