PLE – 10xEN1 – Home learning due Friday 18 July

I really enjoyed Tuesday’s rehearsal lesson and your final performances this morning. Aren’t you amazed at how well you and your peers coped with learning large blocs of Shakespearean text?

Your honest reflection will be appreciated and interesting to read so that’s your home learning for today. You should consider what you did well in preparation for the performance, in the performance itself and how you could have made it even better. Feedback in the comments box below, please.

A final point: those groups/individual students who want to perform their scene in the end-of-term assembly need to let me know that you’re doing it before the end of the week. (Ruby, have you persuaded Tara yet?) Once you have committed to doing it, there is no backing out!


15 thoughts on “PLE – 10xEN1 – Home learning due Friday 18 July

  1. Nell

    Www- I think I spoke more confidently then I normally would
    Ebi – I could have used more gestures and acting to emphasise my lines

  2. Samantha

    In preparation for my Macbeth performance i rehearsed my lines to a good standard so that i could be more confident when performing in front of the class. I also choose a character appropriate for me with the right about of Shakespearean text so i could perform better within my group.
    To improve my performance i would use more gesture and use the stage to my advantage as well as varying my tone of voice more.

    1. Mr Legowski Post author

      Thanks Sam. You did well, in my opinion. You coped well with the dialogue and you made some attempt to provide appropriate gestures. As you suggested yourself, though, I think your acting could be developed more and that will come with the confidence you get from knowing the dialogue – not just the words themselves but what they mean.

  3. Alice F

    In preparation for the performance, to begin with I just kept reading the lines through which to be honest didn’t work. I then decided it would be better to go through line by line which really helped well. (My mum helped me too by being the other parts whilst I practiced.)
    I felt like I remembered my lines pretty well considering my memory is not my strong point, so I think that went well in the performance. However, there is room for improvement, and if I had the lines completely memorized then I feel I could’ve acted my part a bit better by using the stage space to show my character sleep walking.

    1. Mr Legowski Post author

      ‘if I had the lines completely memorized then I feel I could’ve acted my part a bit better’ – this is a wise comment, I think, Alice and it applies to several students. Don’t get me wrong, I was pleased that so many of you memorised your dialogue, lengthy and challenging as it was, but provide actions and so on – acting! – would make the performances even better than they were.

  4. Georgia

    In preparation for the performance,I read through each line a few times. I then got my mum to read the other parts and go through my lines with me. I found that this helped me a lot.
    I think I did alright with my lines in the performance today. To improve I have to do more actions and gestures, this would also help me to remember lines (as Erin spoke about in lesson).
    Overall I think the group worked well, but should of practised more.

  5. Lucy

    In preperation for the performance i went over and memorized my lines with Niamh and on my own and felt reasonably confident that i knew them, however, when it came to performing i forgot some of the lines and had to start again. This resulted in me rushing through it the second time, which in turn, made my acting very poor. I put this all down to my lack of confidence when performing in front of the class. I can’t say that i needed to practice my lines any more because i truly did know them, i just need to build up my confidence which should help to improve my performance in terms of acting.

  6. Jordan

    WWW- I managed to remeber my lines and stay in character when I wasn’t speaking.
    EBI- To add actions to the lines as I say them.

  7. Niamh

    www- I knew my lines, though I didn’t have very many, and I spoke them correctly on the day
    ebi – I didn’t really act my lines I just spoke them and when I was on stage but no speaking I just stood there, not really staying in role.

  8. Mr Legowski Post author

    (From Pandora) In preparation for the performance I went over my lines with Kiera, adding gestures and building on the vocals. I felt reasonably confident that I could remember my lines but when I got up there my mind went blank and I got in such a muddle that I completely forgot my lines; and I was focussing so hard on trying to remember my lines that I forgot to do gestures and act. I guess the one thing that went well was I projected my voice clearly. I think to improve we shouldn’t have changed our scene thirty minutes before we performed.

  9. Rosie

    To prepare for the performance I repeatedly went over my lines, using the same method as I did for learning the poems I chose for the Poetry By Heart competition earlier this year. I read my lines aloud over and over again, using actions to help memorise them whilst pacing constanlty. I soon found that I was able to recite the lines, after constantly drumming them into my memory. Although I had to get several prompts during the performance itself, I was able to remember most of the speech.

    For the performance, I was pleased with how much I had memorised, and I was able to speak the words without being constantly prompted.

    However, there were many areas for improvement. I didn’t deliver the lines confidently and lacked enthusiasm. I looked down for the duration of the speech and made no clear gestures or movements that related to the words I was saying. I know what I need to improve on for next time.

    (I had to leave the lesson early, so that’s why I didn’t complete this homework earlier as I was unsure that there was any)

  10. Erin

    WWW- I practiced quite a lot with Jordan and Ian to learn where we stand on stage and who with.
    EBI- I learnt my lines better because I knew them off stage but when I went up I felt under pressure and forget my lines.

  11. Ian

    Www-I think that I projected my voice as much I could, and remembered most of my lines.
    EBI- I think I could use gestures in my performance and include a range of tone of my voice. I could also be confident; I should stop looking around and try to use a method which could help me remember my lines, maybe something like using gestures.


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