10xEn2 – 18 July

Two pieces of Home Learning for you. The first is to write up how you would perform the Macduff receiving the news of his wife’s murder scene and the second is to let me know how you feel your progress has gone this year and how you are going to maintain your progress over the summer by filling in this short questionnaire:


13 thoughts on “10xEn2 – 18 July

  1. anya russell

    Macduff would be angry and feeling lots only because he has lots his wife he wouldn’t know what to do with him self he would be uptight all the time he would hate everyone who spoke to him and he would keep to himself

  2. frankie

    I would freeze. I would be stunned. Then the anger would kick in then I would be officially in rage mood. I am not great at English speaking and this is a target which I would like to improve on.

    1. dartmouthacademyeng Post author

      is needs to be a SMART target – how can we MEASURE your improvement in English? By what specific amount can you have improved by? How about 500 words (100 per week) to be tested on in September? Send me the list of words before you start, or clarify your target if you want to make it something else, but this is not SMART enough.

  3. max h

    he would freeze in shock when he hears the news his eyes would open wide and his mouth would drop in disbelief he would race back to England

    1. dartmouthacademyeng Post author

      Max, How can this win you many marks? You are aiming for 7 marks – we have had TWO lessons trying to improve these answers and you write 27 words, when you should be writing 175. Come on!

  4. Georgia Lumley

    I think when Macduff is told his family have been killed he would be in the centre of the stage because he is the main character in this part and the main focus. Ross and Malcolm would be positioned around him, near the centre of the stage.

    When Macduff is told he would have a confused facial expression. He can’t believe what he’s hearing, it’s all so sudden. He questions Ross and Malcolm because he can’t get the idea into his head that they have actually been killed.

    Macduff would be stood still in shock. He may put his hands onto his head or face because he doesn’t know what to do. His tone of voice would be very deep and shaky because of the pain he is feeling.

  5. connor elliott

    I think when Macduff finds out that his wife and son has been killed, I will he would be positioned at the front of the stage and looking up into the air. I think he might shed a tear and ask Malcolm and Ross again as he’s trying to think that he didn’t hear them properly.

    I think that when he gets told he would be frowning and i will Malcolm and Ross will be both looking down at the floor as he might react at them.

    I think that he would just stay in the same position and not even look at Malcolm and Ross when he speaks to them as he cant bare the news. I think that he might put his hands on his face to try and forget the whole situation at the moment.

    1. dartmouthacademyeng Post author

      Connor, do not use the phrase ‘I think’ – it makes your suggestions sound weaker. You need to justify and explain ALL your choices. Why do you have him do all these things? You have to use the word ‘because’ and quote the lines.

  6. Josh s

    I believe that when Macduff is told about his wife’s and sons murder he would be in the centre of the stage, he would pause for a certain amount of time then he would not know what to do. After this time he would fall to the floor and start weeping in the loneliness that he feels.

    I also believe that when malcom gets the news he would feel great rage at Macbeth because he has not only killed banquo and Duncan but now he has killed macduffs family which will make Macduff feel enough haterid to create an army and try it kill Macbeth. They would both grab there weapons and create gestures that would show there rage for example smashing there swords onto the floor.


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