PLE – 092 – Home learning due Monday 21 July

Following our introduction to Martin Luther King in today’s lesson, I’d like you to watch/listen to the whole speech (see below) and then let me know what you thought about it in the comments box below. You have been very good, and knowledgeable, in the lessons on rhetorical devices so I am very interested to read your opinions on this great speech.

And a transcript of the full speech is here.


10 thoughts on “PLE – 092 – Home learning due Monday 21 July

  1. Josh hobdon

    I thought that the speech was very powerful and got his point across he used repetition to get his point across and he did get his point across.

  2. Iron Tidge (Brandon)

    I like this speech because Martin Luther king has used allot of direct address and first person plural and repetition to get his point across to the other people that African Americans should be free and have the same right as a white man should. And he uses rhetorical question to make his point a bit more powerful. also throughout his speech he is gaining confidence and getting the point across a bit more meaningful. he uses metaphors to make the speech allot more effective. He also used metaphors to say “My people… “. I cant remember exactly what he says but he uses a few hyperbole’s.

    But overall i think that the speech is very powerful so i like it.

  3. Zac

    In my opinion his speech was effective and powerfull. He made it clear what he was saying because he was to passionate for what he was saying. He used rhetorical devices which made it more interesting to listen to. Hyperble, reppotiton, direct address, first person plural and many more. Martin Luther king shows his belief for his speech by using the rhetorical devices.

  4. Luke harding

    In my opinion his speech was powerful and effective and he made all of the words clear of what he was saying. He used some rhetorical devices and they are first person plural, repetition, direct adress, bit of emotive language and many more. Martin Luther king shows his belief by using the rhetorical devices in his speech that he wants people to agree with him.

  5. kurtis

    Martin Luther King gave a great speech. He used a lot of rhetorical devices. He used direct address and emotive language that got the crowd going. He used repetition to make his point that everyone understood. He paused for effect that gave the crowd time to respond. He used anecdotes from his own life and from others. He used examples of how black people were treated badly.

  6. Michaela Taylor

    I think that Martin Luther King gave a great speech becuase he used most of the Rhetorrical Devices such as repetition, direct address and first person plural. I liked how he presented his speech in such a powerful way becuase he really got the people to listen to him. He paused to let his people respond to him aswell which i think is really thoughtfull and makes me think how he prepared for this really well and he thinks about his people. He also used the emotive language really well too becuase he sounds really powerfull and belives on what he is speaking about.

  7. Grace glanvill

    Martin Luther kings speech was really powerful and potent, he used lots of rhetorical devices such as repetition, like “I have a dream that….” , direct address, and first person plural like ” “we cannot turn back” his speech spoke the truth and at the right time because everybody wanted to listen.

  8. Sam

    Personally I thought that this is the most powerful speech that I have heard, not only because of all the rhetorical devices he used but the way he presented the powerful words. He used repetition which created a lot of emotion throughout the crowd and throughout the listeners, also he gets the crowd on his side so that his arguments sound better because people thought that his reasons where excellent


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