KDE – Super 7 – Challenge One!

Super 7
a) On the Pathways section of the website: http://www.dartmouthacademy.org/#!pathways/c4pa please scroll down and register with the GCSE Pod website – this is a great place for revision materials. This will only take you five minutes, but we’ll use this throughout the year and is important not just in English, but your other subjects too. *Make sure to use you school email address!

b) Answer the following question:

Which character in Of Mice and Men or Heroes (depending on which one you studied), did you like the most, and which one did you dislike the most. You have to say why this is, and also make reference to another character when you do this, and as a challenge to extend yourself, a specific incident in the novel.

*Focus on using capital letters where you need to (character and place names), and commas for pauses in your sentences.

e.g. I hate Curley because he is very cruel and controlling towards Curley’s Wife. He doesn’t like her looking at other men, and behaves in a threatening way towards the other men in the bunkhouse.

Extra Challenge (OPTIONAL): Read the short story by Roald Dahl, attached The Man From the South_Roald Dahl, and give me a short paragraph review. It’s a bit of a thriller, so hope you can manage it!

Word of the Week: Socio-historical. Google this, and tell me what you think it means. Word Challenge: What was the socio-historical context of Of Mice and Men or Heroes? (Depending on the text you studied.)


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