PLE – 10y1 – Home learning due Friday 4 July


Research what purgatory meant to people in the sixteenth century. What is purgatory? Why was (is) it feared? How does this relate to Macbeth?



9 thoughts on “PLE – 10y1 – Home learning due Friday 4 July

  1. chris

    It means when a soul dies and has not had the last rites they slip into purgatory which is neither hell nor heaven. Purgatory can be looked on as a temporary hell where a soul suffers for its unforgiven sins and then goes on to heaven. It’s a Roman Catholic concept.
    Its a place where you go after you die if you are not worthy to get into Heaven yet, but not bad enough to go to hell.

  2. sandy cutler

    1) Purgatory, according to Catholic Church doctrine, is an intermediary state after physical death in which those destined for heaven “undergo purification, so as to achieve the holiness necessary to enter the joy of heaven”. Only those who die in the state of grace but have not in life reached a sufficient level of holiness can be in Purgatory, and therefore no one in Purgatory will remain forever in that state or go to hell.

    2) in Catholic doctrine a place or state of suffering inhabited by the souls of sinners who are expiating their sins before going to heaven.
    “all her sins were forgiven and she would not need to go to Purgatory”

    3) I am not sure how it relates to macbeth.

  3. Mr Legowski Post author

    Thanks to the three students who have done the home learning already (though see my comments above, lads). However, no-one has yet made the connection between our study of the play and the home learning question: why have I set a home learning on purgatory when we are studying Macbeth?

  4. Jordan

    I think purgatory is the afterlife were you get sent to heaven or hell if you have been good in your life, Purgatory is over and you get sent to heaven same goes to hell but if you have been mainly mean/bad in your life.

  5. Tally

    Pergatry is where you would go if you died and it is where the disison is made wether you go to hell when you die. This place was feared because if you had ever done Somthing wrong everything would be punished when yo where there and people think you will have to what till you are told where you will be spending your eternity. it is related to Macbeth because of everything Macbeth did to Duncan . His sins would be payed for there.

  6. oisinsass98

    Purgatory is a place where you decide if you go to heaven or hell and some people believe that earth is purgatory and the daily tasks your given to decide where go (heaven or hell) and if you for example take a life of another it could effect where you go. And this is related to Macbeth because Macbeth killed a man and a lot of people back then believed about purgatory so could have Macbeth and that could of been why he was so nerve recked and mental and lady Macbeth manipulated him in to killing a man and maybe after all this she realised that she had done more damage than him.


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