PLE – 092 – Home learning due Wednesday 2 July

When in life do you think rhetoric (the art of persuasion) will be a useful, even essential, skill?

Answers in the comments box below, please. Rhetoric


3 thoughts on “PLE – 092 – Home learning due Wednesday 2 July

  1. iron tidge (brandon)

    in life I think about the art of persuasion is when I ask if I can go on the Xbox or computer I go up to my mum with my puppy face and say “mum, you know you love me? and I always do the dishes for you? and I always keep my room tidy? can I go on the Xbox please?”
    then she will always say yes no matter what mood she is in.

  2. Josh hobdon

    In my life I will try and persuade my dad to either stay up for longer, have longer on my laptop, for food and let me go out with my friends. I have tried a lot of times and sometimes it works and sometimes it dose depending on his mood so I have to pick the right moment in time to ask.

  3. Zac

    I think that the rhetoric skill could be used if your trying to convinse someone or to make them change there decision. It can also benefit because pusasion (rhetoric) is very powerful if you can use it right such as in debates, if you can persuade the judges you will win. This shows that rhetoric is good because it can help in lots of ways.


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