Shakespeare’s Globe on Screen: Macbeth


*** 10xEN1 students *** I hope you enjoyed the production of the ‘Scottish play’ on Friday as much as I did.

Please write a review of the play for the academy’s Chronicle pages this month. Make it interesting to read – be enthusiastic about what you liked and even what you didn’t! You might consider giving some background to the production, a brief synopsis of the plot and themes (no spoilers, please!), an idea of what the staging looked (and sounded) like, and what you thought of the performances. This should be interesting to read right from the start so think of an eye-catching headline and hook the reader with your first paragraph.

Please put your review in the box below or email it to me at


2 thoughts on “Shakespeare’s Globe on Screen: Macbeth

  1. Sophie

    On Friday, the year 10 higher English class went to watch a film of a theatre production of Macbeth. This was to enhance there knowledge of what happens. I learnt a lot about the deaths and reasonings, also more about the characters. In my opinion, it was quite boring, however I understand that it was very helpful and a great way of learning. This will also benefit our role play. A student, Georgia, said “I actually found it really interesting.” There were mixed opinions about the trip, however all in all, it was a great experience and nice to do something out of the classroom with a varied learning technique.

  2. Georgia lock

    Year 10 Dartmouth Academy students have been studying the play Macbeth.

    On Friday we, as a class were given the opportunity to watch the play which had been filmed at the globe theratre in London.

    I personally thought the play was excellent. The characters were exceptional and they really brought the play to life. The language in Macbeth can make following the plot complicated but I have to say that I gained a much greater understanding of what was happening.

    Macbeth can be a very serious, dark and violent play but you could actually see humour at times in their portrayal.

    Obviously not all of my peers shared my enthusiasm for the play but I generally think nearly all came away with a greater understanding of Macbeth, so it did it’s job.

    I would highly recommend watching a reinactment of a Shakespeare play filmed at the globe.


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