KDE – 10xEn2 – Bad Omens

Use Google to research and post something that is a BAD OMEN in a specific culture somewhere in the world.

You must comment on what this represents in that culture (e.g. a force of evil / bad luck etc.), and consequences that occur because of it.

Challenge: What precautions do people take against that Bad Omen, if any?

bad luck

3 thoughts on “KDE – 10xEn2 – Bad Omens

  1. william cheong

    Open an umbrella indoors is considered bad luck which is derived from my Mum (who used umbrellas shading) a superstition. Effective way to get rid of bad luck and negative energy is “Burn incense”.

  2. Sarah M.P.

    One Bad omen is stepping on a crack on the pavement. The saying they used to say was ‘Step on a crack, break your mother’s back’ this goes back to the early 19th-20th century, during the time of racism which means your mother will have broken bones. The similar saying ‘Step on a crack and your mother will turn black’ meant this was against black people and an activity to avoid because this meant that you would marry a coloured male and give birth to a coloured baby.

  3. max h

    In ancient Egypt the goddess Bast was in the form of a female, black cat. When the Christian priests wanted to remove all traces of other religions, they asked their followers to destroy black cats. Unfortunately, those who had black cats were thought to be witches and were destroyed too. I think that proves black cats are unlucky.


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