PLE – 091 – Home learning due Friday 20 June

Following our lesson on the effects of rhetorical devices in a text, your home learning is to write two extended PEE paragraphs (PEE+E) explaining, analysing and evaluating (considering the effectiveness of) the rhetorical devices in the letter about the benefits of social networking (here).

How might you extend your paragraph beyond the original PEE paragraph? See below.

Screen Shot 06-17-14 at 10.22 AM

An independent enquirer working at:

  • Grade E will identify (pick out) some rhetorical devices from the text and give a simple explanation of their purpose
  • Grade D will explain how they are used (i.e. why does a writer use an anecdote? What will be achieved by doing so?)
  • Grade C will evaluate their effectiveness (i.e. are they effective? Do they have the effect that the writer probably intended?)
  • Grade B will evaluate the effects and effectiveness of the rhetorical devices taken together across the whole text



One thought on “PLE – 091 – Home learning due Friday 20 June

  1. Andora Glanvill

    Dear Mr LegowskiGrace has lost her homework; the bit about marking the exemplar letter using the success criteria. Could you possibly send it over for her to work on this evening or if you get this message a bit late….it’s already 6.30pm, could she please have the info again tomorrow and have more time to complete? I hope you’re enjoying this fantastic weather too.Best regardsAndora Glanvill

    Date: Tue, 17 Jun 2014 09:37:39 +0000 To:


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