HWA – 10xEN2 – Newspaper article

Write a 250 word article for the Dartmouth Chronicle on one of the following topics:

Dartmouth Academy two months on – thoughts on the new building
Travelling to Dartmouth from Torbay for school
Attending Dartmouth as a foreign exchange student
Dartmouth as an ‘all-through’ school
Exam pressure hits Dartmouth students
Italy trip

Remember to show emotions in your writing and include a wide range of viewpoints.

Due Tuesday 24th June


2 thoughts on “HWA – 10xEN2 – Newspaper article

  1. Emily

    Years 9,10 and sixth form students at Dartmouth academy have recently been on a creative arts course school trip to Italy. During the trip they visited many places including Verona and Milan. Half the students who are taking drama as a GCSE option were also fortunate enough to take drama workshops for half of the week with instructor Adam.

    One year 10 student who came on the trip as well said, “It was a great opportunity for students and I loved the picturesque route we took on the coach trip there.” The students also had the chance to go to Juliet’s balcony in Verona and go luxury shopping in the town of Milan!

    Mr Bakewell head of English expressed his thoughts in saying, “The cultural awakening is always going to exciting for the students.” It was such a good opportunity for the students and all appeared to have thoroughly enjoyed the week.

  2. william cheong

    I think Dartmouth Academy this school is a good school. Because in the school everyone are very nice,friendly and helpful,so you can very easy to make some good new friends. And in the lesson if you don’t know something,then you can ask some classmates,they will teach until you know. And if you still don’t know,then after the lesson the teacher will stay here to helping you to teach. So I think this school is very good. Whatever in this school still have some negative. For example if I got science lesson after english lesson. Then we need to walk fast. Because this two classroom have a bit far away, and I think the last one is have not one basketball court is inside. But anyway I think this school is very good for everyone.


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