PLE – 10xEN1 – Home learning due Friday 13 June

Think ahead to the English mock exam next Tuesday and what you need to learn and revise for it. Look, too, at the summary of the Post-It exercise (here: to see what you and your peers said, and then my responses and guidance for further research.

Your home learning, then, is this: by email or in the comments box below – no later than 3:25pm on Friday 13 June – I would like to know 1) what revision you have already done and 2) what revision are you planning to do to prepare you for Tuesday?

I have attached some revision timetable templates which you may find useful when planning for the coming week.

Revision_timetable_example_1 Revision_timetable_example_2 Revision_timetable_example_3 Revision_timetable_example_4 Revision_timetable_example_5

An independent enquirer working at:

  • Grade C will provide details of websites, books and other resources you have used or intend to use
  • Grade B will link your revision to specific parts of the GCSE exam
  • Grade A will explain which resources have so far proven to be most useful to the GCSE exam



22 thoughts on “PLE – 10xEN1 – Home learning due Friday 13 June

  1. Niamh

    I have already been on Sparknotes and looked in more detail at the Characters in Macbeth.
    I am going to go on Sparknotes and look in more detail at themes that come up in Macbeth so I can confidently answer exam questions.

    1. Mr Legowski Post author

      Thanks Niamh. Could you please link your revision to specific sections of the exam and, even better, explain which resources have so far proven to be most useful to the GCSE exam? Thanks.

  2. Samantha

    I have used no fear Shakespeare to help me develop my understanding of specific characters. I will go on further to understand the relationships between the characters with in the play, again using no fear Shakespeare.

  3. Tara

    I have used no fear Shakespeare to help my understanding of the different scenes and what certain words mean. I will reread my notes I have made on each scene and look specificicly at the writing question in the exam in order of a better understanding.

  4. Rosie

    1) So far I have been answering Question B that we are given at the start of each lesson and have been taking notes from my peer assessment. I have also been looking up the definitions of certain words that I am unsure of, such as “assonance” and “chastise”. This will deffinitely help me when it comes to Question B within the exam, as I have been practising past questions.

    2) I intend on watching the Shakespeare retold version of the play on YouTube, as I am still struggling to understand some aspects of the plot itself. I shall also use Sparknotes for any further revision I intend to do, as I have found it highly reliable and simple to use.

  5. Chloe

    If I’m being completely honest, I haven’t really done any proper revision or preparation yet for the mocks next week however I found that doing those exam questions in class really helpful because it gave me an idea of how things will be for real next week.
    Therefore, at home, I plan to carry on answering exam style questions linked to the Macbeth plot (as that’s my weakest area) then find the mark scheme or get someone else to mark it for me and tell me what I’ve done well and how I can improve.
    As well as this, I’m going to look into more detail about individual characters from Macbeth as I think it would be useful in the exam to know a bit more about them as I’m a bit confused about it all, mainly because of the film we watched in class.

  6. james

    1) i have been reading over some of the questions and the patterns of them in my exercise book e.g the mice and men starter questions.
    2) i am going to take a look on on no fear shakespear and understand and read the play for the mick exem, also i will carry on reading over the questions in my book.

  7. myles

    1) i have looked at questions I’ve already done in my book to see what i need to improve on. it may not be much but I’ve also looked at the thug notes!
    2) i am planing to revise both the story of Macbeth and Of Mice And Men to refresh my memory and understanding of the stories and the characters. i will also look at my SMART targets in my planner to know my improvements.

  8. Jordan

    I have read Of Mice And Men and have also watched the film. However, the book was better for revision as it had more details in it than the film did. By the exam, I am intending to have read some more of the MacBeth script on no fear shakespear so I can understand the play better.

    1. Mr Legowski Post author

      ‘[T]he book was better for revision as it had more details in it than the film.’ Most importantly, Jordan, the Prose section of the exam is about the NOVEL, not the film and any reference to the film will do you more harm than good! Mr Legowski

  9. Mr Legowski Post author

    Thanks to everyone who has written to me so far. One point that hasn’t been mentioned by anyone is that Macbeth questions a) and b) will be from one of the scenes in Act 1 so you will definitely need to focus on those. Of course, question c) will probably require you to write about elsewhere in the play so an understanding of the whole play is also required.

  10. Ian

    Sorry for the late reply.
    1) Honestly, I have not completed as much revision as I want; I have looked over some relevant scenes in Macbeth, looking at the modern translation.
    2) I need to figure out how I am going to revise for the Of Mice and Men topic. I will read, online, the ending chapters, so I can focus on the question c). I will also continue using SparkNotes for the modern translation, and continue answering question a), b) and c) questions.

  11. Lucy

    1) I Have not yet completed any active revision at home so far, other than the homelearning’s that you have set us, as well as the exam-style questions in class, (which have been very helpful for me to recongnize that i am a lot more confident with the story, `Of Mice and Men` than that of `Macbeth`).
    2) With the understanding that my weakness is `Macbeth`, i am going to use the no fear Shakespeare website, as i find the old English language very tricky to understand, therefore translating it into modern-day language will be extremely useful. Also, i am going to try and re-do some of the `Macbeth` exam-style questions that we have already completed in class, with the hope that they will be of a better quality!

  12. Erin

    1) I have looked at the bbc bitesize website for English but it wasn’t very helpful as I thought it would be and I have practiced in class the thing I needed the most practice on which was exam style questions which I got fair marks in but I could still use more examples.
    2) I need to look over the beginning of Macbeth again to consolidate my knowledge of the start of it to be able to answer the questions. I should also look an example of a 7/7 mark answer for a ‘Of mice and men’ exam style question.

  13. Alex Jelley

    1) I have started revision on mice and men exam style questions and answering questions a, b, c. My marks are 4-5 out of 7. Also I have looked at Macbeth questions but I haven’t considered answering them yet.
    2) I think I should look at Macbeth questions and spark notes and even thug notes to help look at Macbeth to answer these questions. If I have time I will consider question c of theexam!

  14. Nell

    Sorry it’s so late!
    I have already been on the no fear Shakespeare to read the modern meaning to help my understanding of certain words and phrases in the text, I have also re read through my notes and previous work to see how I can better my answers for the exam.
    I am going to watch of mice and men on netflix to see if it can help my understanding of the book and to make sure I know the story Line in preparation or my exam.

    1. Mr Legowski Post author

      Thanks Nell. Do remember to look at Shmoop and Sparknotes for great information on characters, plot and themes in both Macbeth and OMaM. Also, Thug Notes really is helpful for an overview of the plot in case text as well as really good analysis of language and theme, as well as contextual links.

  15. Georgia

    What is our exam question?
    I have started by reading of mice and men to familiarise myself with the novel and characters.
    I’ve also found spark notes (no fear shakespeare) useful as i can get better understanding of the language. Looking through past notes in my book has also been good, as I can review points that have been made.

  16. ellie

    To prepare for our exam tomorrow i have read of mice and men and looked at past papers and the mark scheme to know the answers and how to structure a answer and how to write it. Also I watched the older film of Macbeth to get a better understanding of the play and character and watched the thug life video. I have looked at the no fear Shakespeare to understand the play in simpler language to help me fore tomorrow.

  17. Mr Legowski Post author

    (From Sophie) So far, the only revision that I have done is looking on spark notes to develop my understanding of the characters and the words.

    I am going to answer the questions on the sheets provided in the lessons, because this is what it will be like in the exam so, this will improve my knowledge and answering of exam questions.

    I am doing these now!


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