KDE – 10xEn2 – Macbeth & the Supernatural

1. Research the socio-historical context* regarding the SUPERNATURAL element of Macbeth.

Why was Shakespeare writing about Supernatural elements?

How is the protagonist, Macbeth, affected by the Supernatural?

Write a short paragraph on the Blog of your findings.

2. Question C: Comment on the theme of the supernatural in Macbeth.

Challenge (B/A Grade): You must refer to the socio-historical context surrounding the play in your introduction.

Write CRISP and the relevant letters as a reminder, before you begin your response

C –
R –
I –
S –
P –

Suggested Start:

“________ is a key theme within Macbeth, we can observe it through the characters…”

Challenge: “During the time in which the play was written…”

Due NEXT LESSON ( Miss Walsh / Mr Bakewell)

* If you can’t remember this from class, be an Active Learner and Google it.


One thought on “KDE – 10xEn2 – Macbeth & the Supernatural

  1. Sarah M.P.

    Superstition is a key theme within Macbeth, we can observe it through the character. Shakespeare writes about the supernatural because it’s set a mysterious atmosphere which people at the time believed in. In Macbeth, the supernatural can be shown in different appearances for example, the witches foretelling the future of Macbeth and Banquo. Another scene s shown with Macbeth and the flying dagger.
    Macbeth seems possessed by what the witches told him and seems he has to kill King Duncan, with the help if his wife. Without the supernatural side of the story, it wouldn’t be as interesting and Informative because it gives a more dark side, opposite to the positive side.


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