HWA – 10xEN2 – Question C Macbeth

Please write an answer to the following question:

Question C:
At the very start of the play, we learn that the Thane of Cawdor has betrayed King Duncan. Comment on the importance of betrayal in one other part of the play.

Please comment on the blog by Friday morning so I can give you feedback before the mock.

Grade E: Basic understanding of the theme
Grade D: Some understanding of theme, some use of CRISP to structure response
Grade C: Sound understanding of theme, answer well-structured using CRISP

Remember to think about CRISP


One thought on “HWA – 10xEN2 – Question C Macbeth

  1. Sarah M.P.

    In one part of the play, Macbeth betrays Banquo. As soon as the witches foretell Banquo and Macbeth future, Macbeth takes a mental note that Banquo will receive kings for example ‘Thou shalt get kings, though thou be none.’ the characters relationship between each other are close at the beginning where they start off in a friendship. However, when the witches spoke about their future, their close friendship starts to separate very slowly. The characters themselves are easy going and very understanding towards each other. macbeth’s plot, in the middle of the story is to try and murder Banquo as he does with King Duncan and desires the position as king.


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