PLE – 091 – Home learning due Wednesday 11 June

‘Social networking sites like Facebook are a wonderful way for teenagers to connect with others.’ Do you agree or disagree with this statement? Write your answer – at least one paragraph; no less than 100 words – in the comments box below by Wednesday 11 June.

An independent enquirer working at:

  • Grade E will make sure that the opening and closing of their paragraph link.
  • Grade D will use simple pronouns chains (e.g. I, my, mine)  and connectives (e.g. also, next) to link their ideas.
  • Grade C will carefully structure your answer to suit the purpose and interest the reader.
  • Grade B will use a range of imaginative sentence structures for deliberate effect.

11 thoughts on “PLE – 091 – Home learning due Wednesday 11 June

  1. Laura.Peeke

    I believe that Facebook is a great way to connect with others but I also slightly disagree. Being able to communicate with others 24/7 is great, you are able to talk to friends and family you might not necessary see very often. This is a great way to keep in contact. Although social networking sites are good for communication there not always as safe as you may think. This is where I feel it’s not so good, for example you are able to talk to a complete strangers. This could be dangerous in a number of ways but teenagers might not always release it until it’s too late.
    In conclusion I do agree with this statement, it’s a great way to communicate and stay in contact with others. But on the other hand I slightly disagree, social networking sites are not always a safe as everyone thinks and this may lead teenagers into trouble.

  2. Darion

    I agree with the above statement that social networking sites like Facebook are a wonderful way for teenagers to connect with others.
    Many teenagers find it difficult to talk to others about problems happening in their life, and many social networks offer free support or advice to those going through hard times, and a chance for them to find those going through similar events. And can also help many people find confidence when faced with socialization outside of the internet and offers teenagers a chance to find those with similar interests to them, to talk and socialize with.

    When used properly social networks can be a safe haven for all and can help teenagers find the line between being nice to others and bullying, they can also choose to stay anonymous if they wish, and all sites usually come with a report or block button so they can stop things like harassment and bullying before it starts. They can really help brighten someones life when they always have someone to talk to just a few clicks away. And help keep teenagers in contact with family and friends if need be. Social networks a good way for all teenagers to connect with others!

  3. George

    Social networking sites are an excellent way for teenagers to communicate and interact with one another. They can enhance their social skills, they can interact with people from different cultural backgrounds (thus widening their knowledge of the world) and can also use facebook to keep up to date on recent events.

    By talking with many people all the time, teens quickly learn how to interact best with different people, how to hold their interest and/or not upset them. This knowledge can be applied later in life to help previous ‘facebook-teens’ to meet new people (such as new work colleagues or employers) and make a good impression, because they know how to effectively communicate with that type of person already.

    Using facebook will also enable teens to stay up to date with events, happenings and news. This means they can quickly learn whether they should be involved in something (a school session), prepared for something (next training day coming up) or missed something (homelearning). It also sets a beneficial mentality of “I need to remain as up-to-date with the news as possible”. This helps them to prepare for changes in the world quickly and efficiently, which will be very helpful and advantageous to them as a whole.

    Social networking sites are, pretty much, the gateway to a successful, prosperous life of well-executed social interaction and helpful states of mind.

    1. Charlie

      WWW: The rhetorical devices that were used, which fitted in well with the valid points you made.

      EBI: Build more on the points you make

  4. lauren

    I agree with the statement above about Facebook being good to socially connect with other people. it gives them chances of talking to them if they live far away or not in the same area. Also if they need help on H/L if they don’t understand the task.
    It can be useful if you have family from different city’s or even different countries so they can keep in touch. But i also disagree because Facebook can get young teenagers in a lot of trouble.
    For example bullying, hacking accounts and talking to strangers. Like lots of other social sites i think Facebook is the most common one in the world. It’s good because it have privacy and age limits but 13+ i think is still a bit too young.
    Also i know a lot of people have Facebook under 13 which they lie about there age and they start to lie about other things too.
    But thinking about the negative’s and positive’s i think it is mostly bad for young teenagers to connect with other people because of the many danger’s that are online.

  5. Annabel

    Personally, I agree with this statement as I believe that skills collected while using types of social media, are capable of becoming skills for life. As teenagers, many of us would like to receive a helping hand from close friends as we experience various dilemmas. Furthermore, websites such as Facebook allow teenagers to interact during any time of the day, build confidence, and most of all: improve socialisation. As a result of this, social media will help a variety of individuals as many more users can rely on advice given by others, providing that they are sensible on-line. As I said before, social skills will become common as teenagers progress through life. However, interacting using social media is a good place to start.

    1. Nicole

      WWW:I love the way how you have structured your text, And It has a good explanation of your point of view.Also you’ve included some interesting points.

      EBI: Try to work on your conclusion and back up points to fully support your point of view.

  6. Leon

    Personally I agree with the statement because with social networking sights they can be useful if you need help with anything you know there’s at least someone to ask for help. I personally have slowed down using social media because if you achieve something good and your proud some people will bring u down but other will congratulate you for it. I use mostly all social networking sights but I would say Facebook is the most well known and best for helping I’ve had a lot of serport over social media. Over all I think that you can get a lot of skills from social media such as reading and righting and people find it fun sometimes to , sit back and talk to friends.

  7. Nicole

    ‘Social networking sites like Facebook are a wonderful way for teenagers to connect with others.’ 

    Social networking sites are a wonderful way for teenagers to connect with others, In my opinion , It is a great thing that ever been invented , because nowadays teenagers can not only communicate with other people , they can also can be aware of things that are happening in the world and informed by those web pages .

    On the one hand, we can say that the children of 21st century are more independent that kids in earlier 70’s-90’s. Since we as teenagers we have the right to communication and shearing an information on the Internet, but whether it is what it is necessary for us?What is a point of communication when you can not see your partner , you can’t really tell what kind of emotions they have , and what is truth and what is a lie.

    From some points of view we can say that by shearing and communicating with other personalities we can learn more and become more mature as well as you might become more wiser , by learning from others, absorbing the information that can move our understanding of this world further than it was before.Those web sites can answer the questions that you might of had before coming to this community of Facebook,Twetter,Tumblr and e.t.c

    By using these range of different communicating systems , people have a time to think about what they would say and how to for the question or the answer to one or other situation or phrase, for example ;If the person is asked about do they like their friends or they don’t?The person that is answering would have a chance to think and might include individuals that are more likely to be the people that are not liked by this person.(Not a good example but I was trying to explain as deep as I can, to back up my points that are listed above)
    But would you actually say the same information to the individuals faces?

    It has changed your ways of life,and some young people are more mature than others because they’ve met a right person to talk to, but if it happens other way around , and a growing teenager meet’s a wrong person, that changes their life completely ?What if this changes will never make this teenager to turn back to the light behind them?

    In my opinion It’s a great and incredible thing ,to be able to communicate to other people doesn’t matter where you are and what conditions are around you , but I would be aware of communicating to people that I never knew and never met before, as well as not showing inappropriate pictures,language and so on.

    You have to behave as you would in the real life, If you could talk to this person in life would you say the same things as you can write on your keyboard ?

    1. Annabel

      WWW: I really like how you have developed the idea of technology over time, by adding the point of becoming independent at a younger age than the people before us.

      EBI: Possibly check for misspelt words.


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