English Art Homework!

Year 9 Artists,
Thank you to the Art class for sharing your creative writing inspired by your beautiful paintings. I would value seeing your stories in print. Please either email them to me or post them in the box below.
Yours gratefully,
Mr Bakewell.


7 thoughts on “English Art Homework!

  1. Keesha noon

    The huge tentacles reach for the food. They are dark vicious creatures which are roaming the depths of the dark ocean.

    The travel was hard exhausting for those who survived. Most of them were killed by eating deadly thing or even getting eaten themselves. There were three creatures and three berries left but to berry’s disappeared as they got closer there was a berry left and the creatures was dying of starvation.

    the creature slaughter to turn dark up and they will lose heat energy to bring new life.

  2. Darion

    A war. A war so bloodthirsty, scratching every shade of red into the yellow patched earth below. The blood of many a folk spilled, until nothing remained. Only the shattered buildings and the everlasting pain of the souls left behind.
    Until a day when life bloomed again, a single seed, stored in the earth. Kept safe from the bloodshed above. A shoot, divine purple in color, fought with the bloodied weapons and decomposed bones, till it found the ultimate prize… light. Against all the odds of the harsh feral unforgiving land the plant survived, pulling the eye away from all the bodies from all the death to a beacon of hope, where the fragile flame of life had been extinguished. To a plant that found life, where life could not live.

    I changed the ending a little bit, but im not to sure if it sounds better this way or the way it did before, or if it just sounds a little repetitive.

  3. James Yalland

    Darkness has always roamed the world hiding, waiting to strike and put fear into every thing it can, to tear through happiness and make it fear.
    Darkness has been on the earth since time first began, growing with every illness, but in the early Greek times they started to believe and prey to a God of healing called ” Asklepius ” and his snake serpents cured the illnesses while the ill sleep and this made peace
    After century’s, while the temple of Asclepion turns to ruin, but peace and heeling still survives.

    James Yalland

  4. Grace glanvill

    It was a time of darkness and despair, a place where colour was outlawed, no one was allowed to see any beauty of any kind of colour, and everything was grey, the country, the world, the universe.
    But all that was about to change…….
    Over two weeks it had been nothing but rain, just plain wet rain. Everyone was miserable, all the fields were muddy, the crops were destroyed and the animals complained.
    A small farm girl was just coming back from the well when suddenly the rain stopped and somewhere in the sky came a very bright light.
    Soon as the bright light emerged a small green plant slowly emerged from the grey plain earth, she tried to pick it up just as small needle like thistles grew out of the weak stem, ‘OW!’ she yelped yanking her hand up in the air, small, red blood fell from her sore hand and the earth drank it in.
    Soon small red berries appeared on the sharp green stem and a golden leave emerged. The first sign of colour life had appeared on one small plant. The farm girl was astonished and amazed by such beauty. She did not want it to be destroyed.

  5. lauren brownhill

    A girl walking, she has mixed emotions. She’s broken up, scared. But why? She fell in love, it was like a dream but real. But this lover left, made her heart broken. she is sad, has an empty feeling in her. Ice cold but angry at the same time. she tries to stay strong but nothing her mind of him, heart broken and empty. The flowers were everything, her dream, her life. But now she is left with the leaves the misery, the pain. The bit that everyone hates. She’s trying, struggling, she sits there, under the half dead tree. Her eyes are filled with emotional pain trickling down her sad, empty face. she thinks of the place were she met him, the man she thought was ‘The One’. Questions run through her head, why?, what did i do to be treated like this. Her eyes fill up with more and more tears. Her stomach filling with pain. Starting to feel sick, she lies down and tries to sleep the day away.

  6. Harriet

    In ambient blue meadows of the blue hills I lay; looking at the evening sky. The field surrounding me is full of vibrant bluebells, forget me nots and many other flowers – all changing in the different shades of blue. They engulf me as I calmly lay there, away from the noise and away from the worries. I look up at the evening sky the two moons half broken and destroyed. The wind here is aggressive yet lulls me into a slow sleep. The blue flowers brush against my face calmly with the wind.

    I slowly sit uo sketch pad and pencil in hand, as i try to capture the silent beauty which has been protected from this barren wasteland. Hard to think just a few hills and a dirt-path away there is destruction, caous and death. However those thoughts slowly slip away as I escape from that life. The blue hills are my sanctuary the only things that keep me sane in a mad world.

    I want to stay here forever and I decide I’m going to. i’m going to run from my duties and be branded a coward but it would be worth it as my con-suns can’t take another day. I know I’m being selfish but thats what i need to do to stay sane and have a peace of mind.

    So if you want me ill be on the blue hills, with my hair flowing through the aggressive wind and my anxiety filled self finally free. But beware once you come to the blue hills there is seldom chance you will want to return.

  7. Nicole

    In the heart of the crack near the void,
    You’re the one, and the height is under thee.
    Wings are there, but no desire, 
    Make a swing and fly to where the light and un ending fire.
    Everything is sunny, warm, but still is sad inside,
    And loneliness in you a feeling of ? ,a lier …

    It is futile to wait for help or  consolation: To the world you are no more than, just a reflection. 
    They do not understand you, they do not know you, not knowing damn thoughts if you.

    And do not listen to your voice, without a fear …
    Here it happens,
    And here we go, She lost in Love ,
    As you walked past her.


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